CNY Day 1

Went out bai-nian-ing today! (:
Nothing much this year as like usual years. Only that I drove more than ever today. Haha.
Finally back at home. Was having a debate like thing in the maternal side about jobs, and my lucky cousin got a job in UOB as a personal banker assistant even though he has yet to graduate from the uni. Hehe :P I will ask for his help next time.

Seriously, tell me, why am I in E-Commerce when I know I wanna go into either the banking and finance sector, sales sector – real estate or insurance? Hai, no idea why too, but since I’m already in it, I shall do my best then. Hopefully I can go for a masters after I graduate from NUS. (:

Whatever it is, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!
Took some photos today, of my outfit and me! Hehe, pardon the narcissism, putting them up cos I’m proud of the improvement in my makeup skills LOL! (Jingie, Zh and Vio, would probably know that I’m laosai at making up!) (:

SO…here you go. Narcissism at its best! (:


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