About Jo

I’m just any typical girl.
Who loves spending time with friends and loved ones. ♥
Shall take this time to dedicate this page to my beloved friends.

In case you are wondering,
I have already found my Mr Happy.

The one who brings sunshine to my life.
The one who makes my life seems more meaningful than ever.
The one who I can hold my hands with the rest of my life.
The one who will grow old with me…
He, the one who wrote the question on a photo.
And Shishi, whom discovered the question and told me.
The day I came back from Hanoi, 8th October 2007, we became one.

Evie Li ♥

My besties..

The girl whom I played Qian Ge Ge and Xiao Yan Zi with.
The girl whom I survived my !@# days with.
The girl who listened to all my rants.
The girl who is able to read my mind, even in faraway Aussie.
The girl whom I want to come back asap.
The girl whom I will marry if I am not married by the age of 30 in Holland.

Jasie Ong ♥

The girl whom I met on IRC, a dubious place.
The girl whom cliqued with me almost immediately.
The girl who understood me even when I don’t speak.
The girl who listens to all my stories.
The girl who gives brillant advices.
The girl who’s younger, yet more mature than me.

Jingie Lee ♥

The TSKs!

The girl who tahaned all the programming with me.
The girl who sleeps by my side while I listen to boring lectures.
The girl who laughs at my not-very-funny jokes.
The girl who is always smiling.
The girl who I feel will be wonderful sistas with me for a long time to come.

Shishi Wynn ♥

The girl who planned my birthday party despite knowing me for a short while.
The girl who never fails to talk to me on MSN.
The girl who makes an effort to catch up with me.
The girl who doesn’t know how to swim like me.
The girl who listens to my rants.
The girl who is always there for me.

CX Gan ♥

And everyone else…

Esp. Jaspi and Tengy ♥
Who never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Not forgetting…
The girl who loves singing as much as I do.
The girl who never fails to keep in touch whenever she can.
The girl who will be really successful in the future.
The girl who always support me in whatever I do.

Ning Loy ♥

And.. ShannonLing and Zh. :)
Thank you my friends. ♥

Last but not least, presenting…
The ever trying-to-be-funny, but-not-exactly-that-funny…

Welcome to my blog! ♥


7 responses to “About Jo

  1. Hey,

    got here totally by accident… but nice to see some shots from good ole S’pore;) Spent bit over a year there. If these pictures just under “about Jo” are yours you should make them larger – they seem interesting!

    greetings from Lausanne!

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  3. AWWWWW.
    but the photo is uber hilrious.

  4. ^_^ love the one u love ^_^
    I’m glad I found u too…
    Let all happy moment last forever…
    it was meant to be

    Love from by hu hu …

  5. Hehe! Huhu (:
    What’s yours is yours. What’s not, will never meant to be right? ;)

    ilu* too!

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