My Understanding of Love, or Not

I got this off a friend’s blog. Felt that it was really meaningful and kinda states what I exactly felt.

…He would do anything for the girl. He has no qualms about being at her beck and call everyday or spending every penny he has just to buy a gift to please her. All she has to do is hold his hand, and he would believe that he is the happiest person in the world. He would do anything to make her happy, because it would delight him so much to see her smile. Unfortunately, passion doesn’t last forever. When the flame burns out before love blossoms, all that is left is just the cold and dark labyrinth of our hearts. We would start noticing the flaws of one another and start wondering why the other party has changed. The truth is no one has changed. The truth is all that held the two of you together was passion.

When you are truly in love, you do not need to be beside each other 24-7. You do not wish to occupy every nook and cranny of her world. To my utter amazement, the maxim “absence makes the heart grow fonder” seems to strike true. You would wish to give her space, because you know there are other important things in her life as well that she needs to pursue alone or with others. You would even restraint yourself from calling her when you know she is busy, even if you feel lonely and really miss her. You would forgive the times she is not there for you, because you believe strongly that she did her very best. You would even break up with her (after much torment and tears), if her heart belongs to another. You would even hide the fact from her that you would cry whenever you look at the secret stash of photos you have kept or hear her favorite song play on the radio. You would do all that and more, because you’re no longer thinking of how sad and miserable you will be without her. You are thinking for her.

Personally, I have never understood love. Just when I thought I understood it, it had turned out otherwise, twice. Till the day I can truly understand love, I will remain single. For, I’m like my friend, I’m a sucker for love. Probably, that’s why, being blinded by ‘love’, it makes it harder for me to understand the true meaning of love.


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