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Opening of Foggiare Boutique at Square 2!

Launched on 10th August 2009!
Come by to find out at Square 2, #02-73
10 Sinaran Drive, Singapore 307506

Boutique Opening Hours
12pm to 9pm Mondays to Fridays
11am to 9pm Saturdays and Sundays

Flowers from everyone (:

People who came by to say hi! :)

The Boutique!! :)


Opening of Foggiare Boutique

Mad rush of adrenaline on Sunday.
Transporting boxes after boxes.
Packing and unpacking.
It was really crazy.
Started at 11am.
Left the Boutique at 1am.

Tired to the max.
I am down with flu today.
But somehow, I am still not tired.
I am on my final bout of energy I guess :)
Excited and all cos..

Foggiare’s very first boutique is open!
At Square 2!
A small lil space of 140sq feet sees about 5 flower stands and 2 flower pots.
Let’s hope the management don’t make noise.

But really, thank you…
Auntie Jenny, Jingie, Jen and YZ, Christin, YQ, Meizhen, Wenshan, Debbie and Alex, Gerald and E-lynn, Evie’s Dad and Family, Evie :)
For the flowers!

Jackie, Huiling, Huiting, Raymond, Isabelle, TY, Jasp, Auntie Jenny, Jingie, Jen, Christin, Christin’s Mom, Meizhen, Gerald, E-lynn, Evie, Evie’s parents for coming down :)

Jingie, Evie, Mom and Daddy for the help :)
Mom and Dad for making the Boutique possible :)

I really appreciate what everyone have done for me, thank you.
Twice in the day, I held back tears in my eyes.
For those who knew me since 2005, it has been my dream to open my own Boutique, and I have realised it…
And what makes it most special is the people who realised it together with me :)

Thank you!

I think I have sold my life away, at least for the next year..
Waiting for UBS’ offer (if any)…

I am still awaiting photos, but up soon I promise.
And so will the posts that have been backdated to 2 months ago.
I am really sorry, but I have been hell busy with the intern and the Boutique…

Come by, say hi..
Square 2, #02-73
10 Sinaran Drive, S307506

Foggiare Shoot 6!

We changed a new model!
She’s Qiqi friend and I am actually an avid blog reader of hers!
Most of you probably find her sort of familiar..
She was MSU2006 (Jade Seah’s year) and New Paper New Face 2006 (Peggy’s year)
And she’s a hot mama! :)

Anyway, despite all the achievements she has..
She’s still a very down-to-earth girl :)
Very nice, actually sat down to lim kopi with us while waiting for the studio to open!
I really like working with her!
The many stories about her MIL and Jessica (her daughter). :)

Anyway, enough crap.
Just featuring some of my favourites from the shoot!

Exclusive to Foggiare!

Chao ji hot favourite! :)
Opened backorders for this even!

Lastly, featuring our first Grandeur Label of self-manufactured stuff!

With Andrea!

Right after the shoot, drove home and started getting ready for Preview.
But my stupid camera doesnt transfer out and omg it was hell irritating cos the Preview was supposed to be up by 1230pm.
Felt so bad.
Even at 130pm, I was still rushing, so I had to change the preview timing to 3pm.
Felt really bad for those who waited :(

Anyway, headed down to Square 2 :)
Yes, I wont mention much here.
But its a surprise.
For those who knows, knows :)
And yes, I am going ahead.

By the time I head home, finished the preview, it was 330pm and poor Evan was still waiting for me to go out with him.
Thank you for being so patient dear, I really appreciate loads!
Brought him to Caramel :)
Wanted to show him the amazing stuff they had there!
He sure likes it loads!
Even cut his hair there..

Poor me was really bored cos he took almost 1.5 hours to cut his hair!

But it was all worth it cos…
I saw Ruien, seems like she’s a frequent there!

Evan and his hairdresser.

Walked around Suntec abit :)

And went up to Barang Barang at Marina Sq to take a look at furniture

By the time we finished, it was close to 730pm.
Wanted to eat the Suntec Steamboat, but they didnt accept nets.
So off we went to withdraw cash.
At the same time, we were tempted by other restaurants!
Like Aston’s for example!
But the queue was crazy and we were really hungry.
So next time maybe!

Headed back and ended our day with a steamboat feast!
Not say really nice, in fact some of the stuff tasted really horrid (like the popiah tasted like dustbin!)

I think, its the company ;)

Foggiare Shoot 5 and Day Out with Ban

The next morning..
Ban and I woke up at 9am..
There weren’t much to be shot this time round..
But still we had a great time :)
I guess before every shoot, I really need to have enough rest..
You can really tell how much sleep the person had the night before..
Just by looking at the photos.
Here are some which I found was pretty nice.

With Ban, the photographer!

Went home, put the stuff down and headed out again..
It’s been a long time since I last spent a day alone with Ban :)
And I really enjoyed myself!

At the bus stop waiting for the bus to Orchard :)

Did some random walking/shopping around for Ban’s new sports shoes/bags but to no avail..
Then Ban suggested going to Iluma, the new shopping centre at Bugis!
Nothing much, but we wanted to try FilmGenre so..
Ban suggested watching Night at the Museum 2..
Yes again (for me).. I am fine with it since it was a really funny show, plus it was to accompany him :)

Was really hungry.. and we didnt wanna starve ourselves to the end of the movie so..
I walked into Thai Express with Ban.. despite prior warnings from Jaspie.

We ordered Soft Shell Crabs, Mango Sticky Rice, Pad Thai and Iced Tea.

The only nice things..

The rest were horrid.

I am so not going to step in Thai Express ever again.
Went up to the theatres.. only to find a huge crowd outside..
There seem to be some problems and they only let us in 15minutes later..
And once we were in, the movie started..
Thought that was quite unfair to the ones who were stuck outside thanks to the management…
Oh well.
Time for a laugh!

Went back to AMK later on for ear candling and Sports Link..
But still, no sign of Ban’s dream shoes.
Oh well. He’s one picky fella.
Looking forward to next weekend :)

Behind the Scene Collection 8 and 9

Feeling really sleepy le, but omg, I have about 20 albums waiting for me to upload to FB and 5 blog posts.
I shan’t procrastinate anymore.
Here’s Behind the Scenes as promised!

I had exams that morning, so immediately after..
I picked Evie up.

Quickly made up, packed while Evie took photos.

My beloved treasures from friends :)

All ready to leave!

The most important task was to set up lighting! :)
See how important lighting is?

Now, some real candid shots :)

As you can see, Evan asked me to try some new poses.
I can never carry them off.
I am the smile and shoot kind, not the sexy, pultry whatever kind.
Sorry if I gave you a nightmare.

This was a really random shot! But I love how it turned out!

Evan started copying me.

Well, we were pretty much done with the shoot so random photos again.

Left for a Teh Tarik since Daddy and Mommy weren’t here to pick us up yet!

We sure look like tourists with those luggage bags!

Went walking around Raffles City in search of Jingie’s 21st pressie!
To no avail!
Then it suddenly dawned on me that she loved that watch in the uncle’s shop!
So Evan and me headed there first to check on its availability!
Before calling Daddy and Mommy over.

Choosing the watch!

After which, we left for dinner at Hainan’s again!


Foggiare Shoot

Yay, new shooting location, and I love it very much.
Cheap + the guy in charge help us set up and all..
And even loads us his 1D :P
Super goodie!

Nice photo hor?

By the end of the shoot, Evie was dead shagged and hungry..
While I was still very much alive and kicking despite changing in and out of 36 outfits. ZZZ.

Anyway, still early, before 530pm so we went for Swensens!

Took the 2 for $9.80 offer for icecream!

And I really like the strawberry taste. OMG.
Jing why didn’t you introduce it to me earlier!

While Evie took the Burger!
Super huge IMO!

Wasteful Ban..

He ate like 1/4 and wasted the whole damn lot.
I think I would have rather Jing eat with me :(
At least, we probably enjoyed it much better. :X

Second Studio Shoot!

Went to get some more clothes with Jingie in the morning.
And then we parted cos Evie and me got dancing.
Then Daddy went to pick Jingie up at 3pm and off we headed down for our 2nd studio shoot.
Well Maryann couldn’t make it so I took over!

Make up first!
While Evie and Jingie sat up the lights and such!

I sure have like 60plus Jingie’s photo in the same position.
Same facial expression.

Setting up lightings!

Then they got bored waiting for me..

And soon the hair’s done, makeup’s done!
And it starts!
Behind the scenes!!


Touching my boobs!
Jealous for me being small.
Must be.

SIGH. Everywhere he goes..

I wondering why is he near my butt.
So unglam.

Nice hor!

Three of us!

Evie and me!

On the cab back to Jing’s area to eat!

Then we started this “BIG EYE” thing.



At first, someone told us we were very childish.. doing that.

Anw, had the lovely chicken wings and bo bo char char again.
A tiring day, but thankful and grateful for the two people that accompanied me today.