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Happy 2nd Year! :D

Haha its really funny.
When you need help, and msg people..
They just go *poof* and ignore you.
And when they need your help.. you try your best to.
I am not speaking about me, but about what I have observed..
Esp these 2 crucial weeks in my last semester.

I am just thankful I have friends whom I can call true friends, people whom I can rely on even though I am so lost in my lab.
Any old how, I still haven’t finished my lab, but at least, I got the gist of A*Star and if I do need help in my structure declaration, I know I still have them to look to for help.
Yes, I am late in my submission, but somehow this semester, I am so tired of everything.

Went out with Banny today, I truly enjoyed myself today.
I thought I knew the reason of being with him.. esp in my first year..
But I lost it in my first to second year with him.
Finally today, I found the REAL reason :)

Well blog about this when I get the photos. Really tired now, gonna go sleep!


My 22nd :)

And so everything comes to a conclusion..
Well, it was my Daddy’s birthday on the 10th, went to the shop in the afternoon before heading for dinner with him at United Sq Jack’s Place with Ban :)
Hope it was a good one for him!

On the 11th, I made my way to Sentosa to put my luggage and meet Ban :)
Got my Pazzion pumps, Fie Japan earrings, balloons and sunflower from him :)
Thank you so much darling!
You are really sweet keke.

That night, we watched 17 Again in the chalet…
A really old movie but he promised to catch it with me and never had the chance to,…
And hence he made it up today :)
Loads of morals and all!
Well, the next morning are very much us…
Sentosa beaching, breakfast at Delifrance, swimming, preparing, Asian Kitchen..
Did I mention I love the Red Bean fritters to bits and pieces!
Headed to Jean Yip and then went over to Kim’s to help her out for reception and her gown :)

It was really nice, to be there sharing someone’s joy, and to have your very loved one next to you :)
This birthday feels different, a little empty, cos Daddy doesnt really remember my birthday..
Usually its Mommy who reminds him..
Now that Mommy’s not around… It feels a little empty waking up without seeing my birthday card..
So it certainly feels better to share Kim’s joy on this special day, and also, thank you Ban, for really, feeling up that emptiness inside of me with all that you have done!

Love you Banny!
See you soon!

The Seconds,Minutes and Hours of my 22nd :)

Right after MKT2411 on Friday..
I rushed to Sentosa!
Can’t wait to check into the cozy lil’ hut Evie booked for me and him :)
When I reached, Evie said he wasn’t there yet..
Was really disappointed cos I thought when I reached, I could just stepped into the lovely lil hut and sit down and start unpacking :(
And it really didn’t help much when I was super urgent :S
Had to find a toilet, found one but no water, cannot flush, cannot wash hands.
How gross!

Anyhow, Evie came by, looking all flushed up and he had a new haircut!
When to check in and we sat down in the ant-filled hut :X
Oh well.
It’s okay, make do with it.
He passed me the pressies!

Crazy Ban Ban, unpacking away!

Part of em :)


Unpacking away

Crazy Ban who paid $6 for this balloon. -_-

The movies for snuggling up at night!

That night, we came home after NM4206!
All sleepy and excited.
Went to bathe and then snuggled for a night of 17 again..

The next morning..
We were greeted by…


And an exceptional guest!

Brushing away..
Didn’t realise my hair’s so long now!

My card!

Munching on Korean Seaweed!

Took a walk around Sentosa!

With the lovely sunflower Ban got me!

Walked to the tram area, only to find out we should have gone the other direction for Delifrance!
Keke, sumptous breakfast!

View through a potato chip!

Finally, we ventured to the beach, laid our mat and sat down!

The first thing I did was to clean his pores!

Lovely sunflower against the blue sky!

Happened that our slippers were blue too :)

Us again!

I really hate getting dark.
So I was really dragged to the beach by Ban!

Well, right after that, we went for a swim cos it was so darn hot!
It was great, the swim :)
Though I believe I got 2 shades darker!

And then we started getting ready for the wedding..
Cos we were heading out for the birthday celebration @ Asian Kitchen..
After which, for treatment at Jean Yip! :)

Asian Kitchen, our ever-favourite place.
I am finally a member!

After that, we took the shuttle bus to The Sentosa..
For a briefing by lovely Kim and Noel!
It was a Black-Gold Affair (Bet Jing loves this like hell)

The lovely guestbook which had photos!

Our random table :)
We were sitting with Kim’s Pacific Net ex-colleagues..
And also Noel’s best pal and his wife Catherine.
We could really click with the best pal and the wife!
They were amazing people!
Really have loads of respect in their relationship :)
I told Evan I wanna be like em :)
They look so happy together :) Blissful and all!
Catherine’s what Evie would like me to be…
Going running/swimming on my own!
While the hubby was just another Evie – loves running and cannot get fat though they eat alot!
Sigh, I am so jealous keke!

With the blissful couple, Kim and Noel, who has been together for a decade before the marriage!

The loving couple, Noel’s best pal and wife Catherine!

And all of us!

Went back, and headed to the beach for a talk and walk before making our way back to KO on the bed :(
Too tired le.

Breakfast next morning was a simple Maggie Mee, but all delicious :D

Keke happy us!

Waiting for the pram with our crazy barang barangs!!

Waiting for the tram!

Tired and stoned me

Thank you darling Banny, you really made this 22nd so wonderful despite all that has happened and I really thank you for it :)

I love you… :)

Old Hong Kong!

Lil’ mini birthday celebration for Banny and Twin…

Day 2 of Evie’s 27th

Crazy boy did this for me! :)
And the Tsks :D

That was the morning for us! :)

Lunch at C Nai! My favourite! Keke!

I fell the moment I came out of that roller blading booth!

It is really amusing, Just! :P

Jing’s really my bestie. HAHA.

All of us!
Trying to stand still!

Hello! Hope we didn’t terrorise you that much at ECP keke.

That very night…

No ‘chips’ inside, so had to write our own!

Woo! Durians! :D

Yummy la!

Hmm, crazy us :D

Evie’s Surprise 27th Day 1

Went to Evie’s house early in the morning to grab the clothes I think he would be needing.

Then rushed back to J8 to meet Jingie to borrow Evie’s library books (his present) as well as to collect the cake from Coffeebean :)
Then gungho us headed back to my house and wrapped up the stuff and put the things we packed in with the help of TY and Jasp :)
And then, we headed down to Goldkist by cab.

The chalet was okay, not fantastic, just like an older version of Costa Sands Pasir Ris (Not that it’s new to start with)
Did up the decorations fast and we started playing mini mahjong and teaching TY how to play.
It’s really amusing to see TY struggle with all the new jargons and all.

Then it was time for me to head down to Vivocity to pick Evie up to head to ‘Marilyn’ ‘s party. :P
The 3 of them konked out in Goldkist.
Cabbed down and I was early, so I hanged around a while while waiting for Evie.
Got a call and realised the ML interns were at Harry’s Bar.
Joined them for a while and met up with the HR lady who interviewed me. :P

Almost all the interns!

Random photos :)

With Evie in the newly self-manufactured dress.
Oh but its sold out already. Oops.
Only available through backorder in Navy Blue!

And then we really rushed all the way down to Goldkist..
Cos I got a call from Mar (aka Jasp) that most were here.
How stressed, esp with the jam here..
Sorry for everyone who stood around and waited :(
Felt really guilty.

So, when we reached, Evie still wanted to go to the washroom.
By then, I already smsed ‘Mar’ to tell her that I was here.
I bet they were all sitting/standing in the dark like idiots. Oops!
Then I tell Evan, “How come so dark? I thought the party’s here?”
“Cannot open leh, you try?”
He was hesitating, then I was really irritated and I said, you try la :P
Then when he did I quickly pushed him in. LOL

HEHE really hilarious photo caught by Just.

After that.. IT was business as usual. :D

The decor

Birthday boy..

Crazy Tsks!

The huge starry cake from Coffeebean.
Nothing fantastic, okay I guess

Spot the number of candles!

Singing his song! :P

Group photos

With his secondary sch buds

Poly friends

Army pals

And of course, lovely us :D

And me :D

After everyone left..
We started the Open your presents thing, but somehow it wasn’t as interesting with Evan.
Maybe he opens too slowly I don’t know.

The lightings courtesy of Serene (:

Getting ready to go club..

Met Jackie there

Jing and I brought the same clutch along. :)
It was coincidental.
She got it for me during my 21st and her friend gave it to her during her 21st :P

And of course, the bestie

Can you spot two drunkards here?
Had a hard time bringing the two of them home.
Sprouting nonsense and making a huge scene. -_-”

The sane one

I am not drunk either

Playing Cai Quan and drinking.
Shouldn’t have right?
The two drunkards got even more drunk -_-
How lousy!

And if you managed to guess it right, we were at Lunar.

Good day!


Looking forward to tonight!