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I realised, I have yet to mention.. I have moved!

How blur is that!


Mommy’s gone.

Blogging at:


Loads of things happened..
To put it in keywords..
Trust, heart breaks, knowledge, experience.
Things became clearer somehow with the people in my life..
Sometimes, I dont know who my real friends are..
People whom I thought are… proved to not be.
Yes by saying this, I know I probably hurt the feelings of some of you…
But these are the people, whom I know are always there for me..
True and real.
Though sometimes, I don’t quite understand why they would say certain things…

But one thing for sure…
After everything I have gone through this Summer..
I came to know of a new real best friend…
And wierdly, its a guy.
I don’t know why, its so easy talking to him..
Maybe its the honesty he has, how he puts himself in my shoes (or maybe its cos he’s in the same situation too), and how he actually teach me to think from a guy’s pov…
Thank you really, you know who you are.
Especially for that two nights of me talking to you, and you talking to me.

As for the fiasco that has happened..
(Are you wondering which one? Sorry I am typing in codewords.)
I am thankful really.
In many ways…
Because out of it, I grew stronger, be more wary of the people around me..
And also, to cherish people who are really true.

Lastly, thank you to you you you and yous in my workplace.
For helping me, for teaching me, for telling me things nobody would have told me.
1st you, buddy
2nd you, intern 1
3rd you, intern 2
4th you, the big boss (p)
and the many yous, my team, and the boss who left but has facebook.
and also the new interns who came to join us, and whom i learnt about..
and the you who kept me company on MA when I was struggling to keep awake during 2 to 6.


The Adventures in BKK Day 1!

Slept at around 12pm…
Was blogging as much as I can..
Despite being so tired before I hit the bed…
I still couldnt sleep till 130am!
And I had to wake up at 340am!

But when I woke up, I felt really awake I must say..
Cos I had the energy to drive there.
I guess its the excitement huh! :P
Picked Jingie up from her house and off we went to the airport!
I met Tcube and Gracie at the airport!
They were sending their friends off for some church mission :)
Hope I didnt catch what they said wrongly!

Brought my PNS this time, didnt wanna lose my DSLR in BKK!

Checking in!
Jing does have a huge bulky luggage even before going there!

They finally have macs at budget terminal!
Suddenly, we realised how hungry we are..

We had a long talk at Macs, so didnt really have much time to shop in Changi Airport..
But still we ended up getting something from Victoria Secrets.
Pics later!
Rushing for plane!
(But then again, we still ended up first in the queue, somehow, we are very good queue-cutters?)

On the plane!

At BKK Airport!

The journey to the hotel was really fast..
Around 20minutes!

Btw, they do have a really vibrant city life!
The taxi we took was pink in colour!
Yes, like hot pink!

As we were many hours before the check-in time..
We placed our luggage at the waiting area in the hotel..
And off we went on the Tuk-Tuk to the substation!

This photo came out quite nice in the end!

In the subway station!
They work the same way as Korea and Taiwan apparently!
And we did have some fun with their tickets!

Being the shopping queens we are..
We already bought something in Changi Airport just now!

I love lip glosses, but never like the feeling of it on my lips..
I have MAC, Body Shop ones waiting for me to use them..
But somehow, I really like the VS ones, not that thick and well, doesnt make me feel that kow wei using it!

So.. where was our first stop?
When we reached, we didnt really know where to shop really.
No idea where to start either, so just walk around randomly.
Quite a disappointment to be frank, cos it wasn’t really the kinda stuff we wanted.
So by the time we sat down for lunch, we only bought 3 or 4 items.
Pretty little in our terms.

This roadside stall served really good food!

Jing’s share!
Fried rice!
Super nice! :)

My yummy fishball noodles and ice tea (really really cooling imo!)
I love it!

Well, after lunch, we continued walking around the food area..

They were selling really cute quail eggs!
In sunshine egg manner.

We spotted this stall selling cupcakes..
Being us, it was hard to resist!
Bought one!

Pardon the chuiness.
It was really hot that day.

We continued walking along the outside of Jatujak..
And Jingie spotted this shop selling really pretty cushions!

It was only then.. we spotted this shop selling really cute necklaces and bags.
And that’s when…
We spotted the section of Jatujak that we were supposed to be at long long time ago.
Sorry no photos cos we were busy popping in and out of the shops to buy stuff!

After like 3 hours, we finally gave in and sat down.
Though there were still many stalls to conquer.
Desserts time!

Strawberries for Jingie, Mango for Jo!
Suddenly, I am craving for Ice Monster..
Anyone’s nice to accompany me? :)

More shopping after..
We finally finished Jatujak in 5 hours?
Headed back to the hotel to check in..
Hahaha, to show you how sweaty we all were…

Nice? :D

When we opened the door to the hotel..
We were really excited.
Cos its always hard to say..
The hotel tends to look very different from the pictures online!
But its not!!!

The super soft and comfy bed with amazing pillows.
They cure my achy-ness in an hour of sleeping.

What’s this?

If you see properly, the toilet is see-through from the bed!
Good for couples!
Not for cheeky friends like Jingie.
How stressful bathing and using the toilet bowl :S

The washroom!
Perfect shower head!
It’s from the top!
AHHH Ban, can our house be like this..?

So what’s your verdict?
4 star? :D

It’s 6 star in our opinion!
They had a walkin closet into the toilet!
Means if you are lazy to bring your clothes in, you can just open the closet from inside of the toilet to change!!!

Hahaha. Buy from Jatujak.

Jingie all ready for another battle at Suan Lum night bazaar.

At Suan Lum!
It’s actually at Lumpini.
Yes, wierd name for a subway station stop.
When we arrived, we were in search for the perfect restaurant to have our dinner.
Jingie said that for the first day, we should always reward ourselves with good dinner (yeah right, she will tell me the same thing for the second, third and fourth day too)
But well, there wasn’t any to be found.
But we found some really nice food centre.
Good enough I guess.

This night bazaar works by coupons..

Our dinner for the night.
The Iced Tea was HORRIBLEEEE. It tasted exactly the same as the one in Thai Express and that sucks!

Jingie and my Pad Thai!
Super super super super x 1,000,000 NICE!!!!

If you know us well, you probably know that we dont eat spicy food.
But this crab was good :)
Not too spicy, though it looks like it can kill our throats.

Nothing much to buy at the Bazaar.
They seem like they were out to cheat.
It’s a tourist area I guess.
You really have to bargain.
But even so, you probably find Platinum Mall selling at half the price!
So Jingie and me decided, it was time to head home for a rest and another full battle tomorrow!

But before that, buys for the day!

Why is it…

That everytime something happens…
She just happens to be online?
It’s really amazing!
The telepathy between us.
I didn’t tell her anything.
Just talked about life on the whole and all…
She did say something about clearing the air too..
But I guess, I am not good at words.
Dont wanna say anymore.
If she understands, she understands.

Someone else pm-ed me too, and I am really thankful.
Though I am so mean to her sometimes.
Talked about the Agneselle’ items launching tonight! :D
And we are excited about the same things!

.Jamie. says (10:42 AM):
*what crazy thing did u do today!
      Jo W.       says (10:43 AM):
.Jamie. says (10:44 AM):
*uhm uhm
*signed up to be a skydiving instructor!
*kissed a random stranger on the streets!
      Jo W.       says (10:44 AM):
*nothing so big
.Jamie. says (10:45 AM):
*said yes to “will you marry me?”
*hahahaha =P

Ah Yun says (10:56 AM):
*u always do crazy things.. so nothing new. hehe

It’s all these random things that people say to me..
That really makes my day!

Steamboat at Jing’s!

On that very day…
I had a very pleasant surprise!
Evan came to pick me up to go to school together!! (:
And he brought along my favourite bubble tea!
Thank you Ban!

I am really thankful to have him with me!
Cos that very day, 156 took really long!

Crazy us as usual!

Fast forward to after school.
Met Shishi, Justin, Guang to go together (:
And so we were the earliest to reach!

They were all really traumatised by the amount of vegetables Jingie prepared!

Jingie’s ONLY new year goodies! :(
How sad.

All of us were really hungry but we had to be patient cos the 4 of em weren’t here yet…

Sigh :P

But all our stomachs were growling real bad…
And so we begged Jingie..

CX came by..

I really love her cardigan, and it took me so long to find it! :(
Anw, I managed to get it in the end! So happy. (:

And then, Jasp and Tengy came :)

Finally, Jackie too. (:

Once Jackie finished eating.. we immediately started the Lou Hei!
I am sure you know such things can’t wait!


A really messy affair!
I had Lou Hei in my hair!

Everyone! (:

After which, we settled down and started playing Blackjack!
Jingie’s the banker..
I didn’t lose/gain.. But I think Jingie lost a lot to Jasp!
But I don’t think she’d mind. :D
I shall let the pictures do the talking!

Umm, I only managed 2 blackjack, and no Ban Ban for me.. :(

Our Zoe Tay. :)

Last but not least, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
And thank you Jingie for the sumptous feast! :D:D
And all the effort you have done to prepare the steamboat for us!
Really appreciate it!