Monthly Archives: October 2009

Happy 2nd Year! :D

Haha its really funny.
When you need help, and msg people..
They just go *poof* and ignore you.
And when they need your help.. you try your best to.
I am not speaking about me, but about what I have observed..
Esp these 2 crucial weeks in my last semester.

I am just thankful I have friends whom I can call true friends, people whom I can rely on even though I am so lost in my lab.
Any old how, I still haven’t finished my lab, but at least, I got the gist of A*Star and if I do need help in my structure declaration, I know I still have them to look to for help.
Yes, I am late in my submission, but somehow this semester, I am so tired of everything.

Went out with Banny today, I truly enjoyed myself today.
I thought I knew the reason of being with him.. esp in my first year..
But I lost it in my first to second year with him.
Finally today, I found the REAL reason :)

Well blog about this when I get the photos. Really tired now, gonna go sleep!