My 22nd :)

And so everything comes to a conclusion..
Well, it was my Daddy’s birthday on the 10th, went to the shop in the afternoon before heading for dinner with him at United Sq Jack’s Place with Ban :)
Hope it was a good one for him!

On the 11th, I made my way to Sentosa to put my luggage and meet Ban :)
Got my Pazzion pumps, Fie Japan earrings, balloons and sunflower from him :)
Thank you so much darling!
You are really sweet keke.

That night, we watched 17 Again in the chalet…
A really old movie but he promised to catch it with me and never had the chance to,…
And hence he made it up today :)
Loads of morals and all!
Well, the next morning are very much us…
Sentosa beaching, breakfast at Delifrance, swimming, preparing, Asian Kitchen..
Did I mention I love the Red Bean fritters to bits and pieces!
Headed to Jean Yip and then went over to Kim’s to help her out for reception and her gown :)

It was really nice, to be there sharing someone’s joy, and to have your very loved one next to you :)
This birthday feels different, a little empty, cos Daddy doesnt really remember my birthday..
Usually its Mommy who reminds him..
Now that Mommy’s not around… It feels a little empty waking up without seeing my birthday card..
So it certainly feels better to share Kim’s joy on this special day, and also, thank you Ban, for really, feeling up that emptiness inside of me with all that you have done!

Love you Banny!
See you soon!


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