Opening of Foggiare Boutique

Mad rush of adrenaline on Sunday.
Transporting boxes after boxes.
Packing and unpacking.
It was really crazy.
Started at 11am.
Left the Boutique at 1am.

Tired to the max.
I am down with flu today.
But somehow, I am still not tired.
I am on my final bout of energy I guess :)
Excited and all cos..

Foggiare’s very first boutique is open!
At Square 2!
A small lil space of 140sq feet sees about 5 flower stands and 2 flower pots.
Let’s hope the management don’t make noise.

But really, thank you…
Auntie Jenny, Jingie, Jen and YZ, Christin, YQ, Meizhen, Wenshan, Debbie and Alex, Gerald and E-lynn, Evie’s Dad and Family, Evie :)
For the flowers!

Jackie, Huiling, Huiting, Raymond, Isabelle, TY, Jasp, Auntie Jenny, Jingie, Jen, Christin, Christin’s Mom, Meizhen, Gerald, E-lynn, Evie, Evie’s parents for coming down :)

Jingie, Evie, Mom and Daddy for the help :)
Mom and Dad for making the Boutique possible :)

I really appreciate what everyone have done for me, thank you.
Twice in the day, I held back tears in my eyes.
For those who knew me since 2005, it has been my dream to open my own Boutique, and I have realised it…
And what makes it most special is the people who realised it together with me :)

Thank you!

I think I have sold my life away, at least for the next year..
Waiting for UBS’ offer (if any)…

I am still awaiting photos, but up soon I promise.
And so will the posts that have been backdated to 2 months ago.
I am really sorry, but I have been hell busy with the intern and the Boutique…

Come by, say hi..
Square 2, #02-73
10 Sinaran Drive, S307506


4 responses to “Opening of Foggiare Boutique

  1. congrats dearest (:
    dream come true indeed!
    may your 生意越做越大! hehe.

  2. hi,

    i came across the foggiare blogshop the other day and this pair of cute pink pumps “astrella” caught my eye. Unfortunately, u weren’t taking orders for it anymore. I commented but havent got a reply so I was wondering if u are going to have more stocks for astrella for ur new boutique (congrats, btw! :D)? If not, can I know where u got that pair of pumps (like maybe I can order it myself) because that’s the perfect design which I have been searching high and low for! Thanks so much! :D

    Peace out! XD

  3. oh yes, u can reply me at :)

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