Loads of things happened..
To put it in keywords..
Trust, heart breaks, knowledge, experience.
Things became clearer somehow with the people in my life..
Sometimes, I dont know who my real friends are..
People whom I thought are… proved to not be.
Yes by saying this, I know I probably hurt the feelings of some of you…
But these are the people, whom I know are always there for me..
True and real.
Though sometimes, I don’t quite understand why they would say certain things…

But one thing for sure…
After everything I have gone through this Summer..
I came to know of a new real best friend…
And wierdly, its a guy.
I don’t know why, its so easy talking to him..
Maybe its the honesty he has, how he puts himself in my shoes (or maybe its cos he’s in the same situation too), and how he actually teach me to think from a guy’s pov…
Thank you really, you know who you are.
Especially for that two nights of me talking to you, and you talking to me.

As for the fiasco that has happened..
(Are you wondering which one? Sorry I am typing in codewords.)
I am thankful really.
In many ways…
Because out of it, I grew stronger, be more wary of the people around me..
And also, to cherish people who are really true.

Lastly, thank you to you you you and yous in my workplace.
For helping me, for teaching me, for telling me things nobody would have told me.
1st you, buddy
2nd you, intern 1
3rd you, intern 2
4th you, the big boss (p)
and the many yous, my team, and the boss who left but has facebook.
and also the new interns who came to join us, and whom i learnt about..
and the you who kept me company on MA when I was struggling to keep awake during 2 to 6.



6 responses to “Assertiveness

  1. What to say? I was just vv glad when I got the reply from you on SMS last evening!

    And, thank you really so much for listening to my words when I was down to my deepest depth in my life. Thank you even more coz I called you at weird hour and you were so willing to listen! I felt better after we talked really! Thanks again!

    And, I’m still feeling the warmth of having such good friends as you in my life! :) :) :)

    Oh ya…must really thank you for the green tea and for helping me reserve a mug in the morning! Really appreciate that! Otherwise, I’ll be dozing off at 10am! LOL!

  2. ;) Only people who are in one understands…

    Anyway, you are welcome really. Just hope everything goes smoothly from now on, I mean as in today onwards ;)

    :) :) I know, you were there too so thank you!

    HAHA. You are welcome. But there was once it was LS who reserved it. :P

  3. helo dearest! how are u? :) hope everything is fine with u and tt u are as happy as ever :D just wanna say i miss youuu! even more now that i heard harry potter is coming out soon hah :D take care

  4. :) Not too bad.. Definitely.. :)

    Aww, was supposed to catch it with Just and friend and ban this week, but looks like we didnt win!

  5. I’M HOME! drop me ur phone no. somewhere private and arrange a meet up soon!

  6. Hello dear :)


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