Preview: Land of The Lost!

Was invited by Omy.Sg for a sneak preview of Land of The Lost on the 9th!
I brought Jingie along to Lido! :)

So how do I feel about it?
Personally, it’s one of those movies…
Which does not seem to have a storyline, yet without this storyline, it tells a story on its own.

What I am trying to say is…
There’s no actual plot…
But, its not having an actual plot that makes the storyline so interesting and engaging.
Cos you never know what’s going to happen next! :)
Throughout the movie, I was just imagining what’s gonna happen next.
I became a storywriter unknowingly :D

This movie encompasses all sorts of characters: a mix of Aliens, cutesy stuff, dinosaurs, etc.
Many characters coming all together, with a story that weaves them together perfectly.
If you are looking for a movie where you can just sit down and laugh till you drop..
Seriously, Land of the Lost is one that you should not miss!

I shan’t say more, before I spoil the excitement of creating your own story plot.
But there was one scene that really made me laugh the hell out: something about shit and the male lead.
Anyhow, just wanted to commend the 3D graphics programmer.
The dinosaur sure looks damn good as it blends into the scenes.
Well, what can I say, I was a Graphics and Vision graduate student once. LOL

Be sure to catch Land of the Lost, it was actually open in cinemas yesterday, 11th June.
But if you are still pondering..
Then you must be out of your mind.. :X


3 responses to “Preview: Land of The Lost!

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  2. I was a bit reserved about the movie. Now that you say it’s a good catch, I’m gonna watch it. =)

  3. YES IT IS! :D gogo!

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