Evie’s Surprise 27th Day 1

Went to Evie’s house early in the morning to grab the clothes I think he would be needing.

Then rushed back to J8 to meet Jingie to borrow Evie’s library books (his present) as well as to collect the cake from Coffeebean :)
Then gungho us headed back to my house and wrapped up the stuff and put the things we packed in with the help of TY and Jasp :)
And then, we headed down to Goldkist by cab.

The chalet was okay, not fantastic, just like an older version of Costa Sands Pasir Ris (Not that it’s new to start with)
Did up the decorations fast and we started playing mini mahjong and teaching TY how to play.
It’s really amusing to see TY struggle with all the new jargons and all.

Then it was time for me to head down to Vivocity to pick Evie up to head to ‘Marilyn’ ‘s party. :P
The 3 of them konked out in Goldkist.
Cabbed down and I was early, so I hanged around a while while waiting for Evie.
Got a call and realised the ML interns were at Harry’s Bar.
Joined them for a while and met up with the HR lady who interviewed me. :P

Almost all the interns!

Random photos :)

With Evie in the newly self-manufactured dress.
Oh but its sold out already. Oops.
Only available through backorder in Navy Blue!

And then we really rushed all the way down to Goldkist..
Cos I got a call from Mar (aka Jasp) that most were here.
How stressed, esp with the jam here..
Sorry for everyone who stood around and waited :(
Felt really guilty.

So, when we reached, Evie still wanted to go to the washroom.
By then, I already smsed ‘Mar’ to tell her that I was here.
I bet they were all sitting/standing in the dark like idiots. Oops!
Then I tell Evan, “How come so dark? I thought the party’s here?”
“Cannot open leh, you try?”
He was hesitating, then I was really irritated and I said, you try la :P
Then when he did I quickly pushed him in. LOL

HEHE really hilarious photo caught by Just.

After that.. IT was business as usual. :D

The decor

Birthday boy..

Crazy Tsks!

The huge starry cake from Coffeebean.
Nothing fantastic, okay I guess

Spot the number of candles!

Singing his song! :P

Group photos

With his secondary sch buds

Poly friends

Army pals

And of course, lovely us :D

And me :D

After everyone left..
We started the Open your presents thing, but somehow it wasn’t as interesting with Evan.
Maybe he opens too slowly I don’t know.

The lightings courtesy of Serene (:

Getting ready to go club..

Met Jackie there

Jing and I brought the same clutch along. :)
It was coincidental.
She got it for me during my 21st and her friend gave it to her during her 21st :P

And of course, the bestie

Can you spot two drunkards here?
Had a hard time bringing the two of them home.
Sprouting nonsense and making a huge scene. -_-”

The sane one

I am not drunk either

Playing Cai Quan and drinking.
Shouldn’t have right?
The two drunkards got even more drunk -_-
How lousy!

And if you managed to guess it right, we were at Lunar.

Good day!


One response to “Evie’s Surprise 27th Day 1

  1. haha some of the pictures are wrong :p

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