Sorry! Haven’t updated my blog since ages ago. Started internship ever since Evie’s surprise party ended.
Anyhow, let’s go on!
Met up with Evan for our 20th after his work.
He said he had a surprise for me so I was pretty excited.
It was just a stone throw away so we walked there. :)

It’s really pretty!
I didn’t know a place like this exists in SG!
Ok la, very mountain turtle I know – It’s Keppel Bay!

Took a walk around the park and well, as usual, Evan wanted me to pose.
He said the bag looks really good :)
OF COURSE! I got it with Jing ;)

Really blissful day! :)

Lovely dog

After the walk, we decided to have our anniversary dinner at TCC.
Really amazed at the price, but it was good thankfully.

Some salmon thing!
Eeks, it was really long ago, I really can’t recall :(

Alasaka King Crab Black Squid Ink Pasta!
IT WAS !#!@#! GOOD. :)



Can’t wait to attack the dish and Evie still asked me to pose.
Sigh, that explains the look on my face!

Thank you my dear (:
It’s no wonder I always get fatter with you arnd :(

Good night :)


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