Foggiare Shoot 6!

We changed a new model!
She’s Qiqi friend and I am actually an avid blog reader of hers!
Most of you probably find her sort of familiar..
She was MSU2006 (Jade Seah’s year) and New Paper New Face 2006 (Peggy’s year)
And she’s a hot mama! :)

Anyway, despite all the achievements she has..
She’s still a very down-to-earth girl :)
Very nice, actually sat down to lim kopi with us while waiting for the studio to open!
I really like working with her!
The many stories about her MIL and Jessica (her daughter). :)

Anyway, enough crap.
Just featuring some of my favourites from the shoot!

Exclusive to Foggiare!

Chao ji hot favourite! :)
Opened backorders for this even!

Lastly, featuring our first Grandeur Label of self-manufactured stuff!

With Andrea!

Right after the shoot, drove home and started getting ready for Preview.
But my stupid camera doesnt transfer out and omg it was hell irritating cos the Preview was supposed to be up by 1230pm.
Felt so bad.
Even at 130pm, I was still rushing, so I had to change the preview timing to 3pm.
Felt really bad for those who waited :(

Anyway, headed down to Square 2 :)
Yes, I wont mention much here.
But its a surprise.
For those who knows, knows :)
And yes, I am going ahead.

By the time I head home, finished the preview, it was 330pm and poor Evan was still waiting for me to go out with him.
Thank you for being so patient dear, I really appreciate loads!
Brought him to Caramel :)
Wanted to show him the amazing stuff they had there!
He sure likes it loads!
Even cut his hair there..

Poor me was really bored cos he took almost 1.5 hours to cut his hair!

But it was all worth it cos…
I saw Ruien, seems like she’s a frequent there!

Evan and his hairdresser.

Walked around Suntec abit :)

And went up to Barang Barang at Marina Sq to take a look at furniture

By the time we finished, it was close to 730pm.
Wanted to eat the Suntec Steamboat, but they didnt accept nets.
So off we went to withdraw cash.
At the same time, we were tempted by other restaurants!
Like Aston’s for example!
But the queue was crazy and we were really hungry.
So next time maybe!

Headed back and ended our day with a steamboat feast!
Not say really nice, in fact some of the stuff tasted really horrid (like the popiah tasted like dustbin!)

I think, its the company ;)


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