The Friends Evan has…

Jackson says (2:54 PM):
*hey!! how did you do???
*evie got pass maths???

Jackson says (2:57 PM):
*hope evie pass!!!
*3 more mins!!

Justin says (2:57 PM):
*3 minutes !!!!

Justin says (2:58 PM):
*i’m more nervous to know his result than mine

Jackson says (2:58 PM):
*we got the same CLOCK!!


The aftermath

Jackson says (3:01 PM):
*LETS GO PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!
*GRADUATE LOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin says (3:00 PM):

Jo W. says (3:01 PM):
**hOPS arounD*

Jackson says (3:01 PM):

Jasperâ„¢ says (3:01 PM):

Justin says (3:02 PM):
*big relief!!!!!!


4 responses to “The Friends Evan has…

  1. I still remember how nervous we were to know the results for him!!!

  2. Yeah la! :) I was too. But now, I dont need to worry about him le :) So happy.

  3. Thanks for all the anticipation and support .. Really nice to have friends like u guys ^^ Evan in Heaven ..

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