The Meeting with Felicia Chin!

Brought CX to get more supplies on her birthday :)
Then went over to Kino to meet Jingie :)
Wanted to eat icecream but there was no B&Js to be found.
Walked into Central.. But walked out again.
Cos we were in no mood to eat HK food.
So we went KFC and sat down :)
Ordered Snackers and chit-chat :)

Walked around a bit, headed to Kino to look for my books..
Then when we went out, we saw Felicia Chin!
She was doing a shoot at Taka area.
So pretty, not vv thin too like Joanne Peh or Rui En.
Been really star struck lately, you will understand why later.
Anyway, we were trying to take photos with her.
But it seems like she was still vv busy.
So Jing suggested going GNC/Marks and Spencers first before rushing back to see if she was still around.

Sigh :(
She wasn’t when we came back.
So these were the only photos I had of her.
Quite disappointed.
But ohwell, mei you yuan I guess :)
Next time!

Happy Birthday dear CX! :)


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