CX and YG’s Birthday Celebration!

Met Evan right after his work! :)
Cos we are heading to get the cake for YG and CX.
Asked Jingie the day before and she said “Write Happy Birthday Chicken Wing Hands!”
Ok so be it.. :)

Headed to Bakerinz first.
Pricey cakes, pathetic size, albeit delicious.
Went to Awfully Chocolate.
Reasonbly-priced cakes, good size and ultimate delicious! :)

Crazy Evan asked where are their cakes, and when they said its behind..
He actually walked to the back and tried to go into their kitchen.
Almost died on the spot. ZZZ!

YG and CX’s cake :D

Well, I just had a sudden craving for B&Js so requested to go upstairs!
Their new Cheesecake Brownie rock my socks!

Anyhow, we were running slightly late…
Pics on 97! :)

When we reached Timbre, there was only CX, Jackie and YG!
YG presented me with a souvenir from Japan!
I love it! New makeup pouch for me!

Thanks dear! :D

We had nothing better to do while waiting for Jing, Just, Jasp and TY.
So photos time!

Just arrived, complaining that first time he took 1 hour to reach town from sch! LOL
I can understand the feeling! The pek chek feeling!

Check out the crazy birthday boy.

My lychee martini and Evan’s Mango Mocktail!
He can’t drink, still working tmr! :P

Just’s Cinderella. LOL cos Shi likes that character!


Must agree they do look cute together.
Though they are not…

The revenge of the photographer who keeps taking ugly photos of us!! :D

With the boyfriend :)

Happy Birthday guys!

Jing in Heaven!

So was Evan…
Who got the biggest piece!

We were totally peeved with the service of Timbre.
We didn’t know water is not refilled in Timbre, so we ended up asking for top ups.
And that China woman said “No more water.”
CX said “Oh, but I thought there can be refills?”
China woman “Anything more than once is a bonus for you”
It wasn’t her words only, it was her tone and the attitude she showed.
Totally turned off.
Not heading back to Timbre and we decided to go TCC for drinks!
And to open the presents!

On the way to TCC at City Link!

YG and his pressie, all nicely wrapped up by TY!

CX! Opening every pressie and shouting!
“Omg this is what I want!”

The boy and me

Some group photos!

Then it was time for home!

Shall end with my favourite picture of the night!

Thank you Just!


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