Foggiare Shoot 5 and Day Out with Ban

The next morning..
Ban and I woke up at 9am..
There weren’t much to be shot this time round..
But still we had a great time :)
I guess before every shoot, I really need to have enough rest..
You can really tell how much sleep the person had the night before..
Just by looking at the photos.
Here are some which I found was pretty nice.

With Ban, the photographer!

Went home, put the stuff down and headed out again..
It’s been a long time since I last spent a day alone with Ban :)
And I really enjoyed myself!

At the bus stop waiting for the bus to Orchard :)

Did some random walking/shopping around for Ban’s new sports shoes/bags but to no avail..
Then Ban suggested going to Iluma, the new shopping centre at Bugis!
Nothing much, but we wanted to try FilmGenre so..
Ban suggested watching Night at the Museum 2..
Yes again (for me).. I am fine with it since it was a really funny show, plus it was to accompany him :)

Was really hungry.. and we didnt wanna starve ourselves to the end of the movie so..
I walked into Thai Express with Ban.. despite prior warnings from Jaspie.

We ordered Soft Shell Crabs, Mango Sticky Rice, Pad Thai and Iced Tea.

The only nice things..

The rest were horrid.

I am so not going to step in Thai Express ever again.
Went up to the theatres.. only to find a huge crowd outside..
There seem to be some problems and they only let us in 15minutes later..
And once we were in, the movie started..
Thought that was quite unfair to the ones who were stuck outside thanks to the management…
Oh well.
Time for a laugh!

Went back to AMK later on for ear candling and Sports Link..
But still, no sign of Ban’s dream shoes.
Oh well. He’s one picky fella.
Looking forward to next weekend :)


8 responses to “Foggiare Shoot 5 and Day Out with Ban

  1. LOL. I’m also quite fed up with Thai Express already. =D

  2. Jo to Just: Sucks right? You brought Shi there too? :D

  3. Yeah…a few times we went there…and finally we get sick of the never improving menu. =D

  4. Oh ya…the soft shell crab is nice though. Tried the ginger chicken or something like that? Super hot one! LOL

  5. Hai :S I dont know why he can still open so many outlets!

    Yeah soft shell crab’s ok la, eaten better ones maybe that’s why.

    HMM nope! thank goodness I didnt, I cannot tahan spicy!

  6. Hi! I’d like to invite you to join a contest “Win the World’s First Transparent Phone” @ Travelerfolio, in conjunction with LG. Pls drop by to find out more :)

  7. gasp! I thought I saw AJ pe shirt….gasps!!

  8. What AJ PE SHIRT!! :X

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