Night at the Museum 2 and Angels and Demons

Met up with Jingie, MZ, Jasp and TY at Bishan MRT before meeting Just at Vivocity for Night at the Museum 2.
It was a great movie I must say..
The movie ended later than it was supposed to..
And during which, I received about 6 smses from Ban telling me he’s sad that no one went to pick him up.
Lol, can’t help giggling at the smses.
Got him to meet Jackie first since he was there too.

Dinner was simple.
“Jia xiang Jia xiang mian mian mian”
Passed TSKs the shirts and their respective buttons..
Seems like Just was the more appreciative ones :)
Hope we can wear it soon! :D

Btw, we bought our Angels and Demons tickets at 4plus and yet it was left with 2nd row from the screen for the 815pm show.
It was really kua zhang.
Went to Giants to get snacks to munch on in the theatre.

The gang!
Without YG who was in Osaka enjoying himself.

Awaiting the start of Angel and Demons.

I must say, I really enjoyed the movie.
Because of the brilliant plot (which I have read 3 times)…
The awesome cast..
The magnificent location setups etc…
It was an $8 worth paying.
I wouldnt mind watching again..
Sometimes, I feel that watching such shows again allow me to understand the storyline much better..
Just like Da Vinci code. :)

Then it was Prata at Thomson that night :)

Can’t wait for the Mahjong session coming up :D


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