The Adventure of BKK Day 4!

Woke up pretty late that morning..

Well, we were stoning around watching cartoons while packing up..
Really didn’t feel like leaving this place that we called home for the past few days.
Lazing around in bed..

We already had an appointment at the spa next to our hotel :)
Thank you Tha for helping us book and settle the appointments!
It was a really high class spa :)
Felt really pampered in there..
The scrub was good, so was the Thai Massage.
The aftermath (next morning) was the worseee.. LOL
I had aching body parts!

Went to Robinsons at The Westin which was just opposite our hotel.
Wanted to get Wacoal’s cos it was so much cheaper in BKK but didnt in the end cos it didnt quite fit well.
Got Triumph swimming caps in the end :)
Happy cos it was cheap and finally I didnt need to yank many strands of my already little hair after swimming. :P

Our lunch was simple..
We sat down at the roadside stall opposite our hotel.

We couldnt resist buying up omelette cos it smelt so damn good

Having it in bed is even better!

After which, we left the hotel at 130pm after checking out..
Headed down to Center Siam cos we wanted to check out the area opposite it!
It was like a mini Haji Lane!
Jingie and me definitely agree that the first and last day shopping was the best!
We really went mad there :)
So many nice stuff!
And it felt really familiar..
Then I realise, I was there before with my parents, the old hotel we used to stay, Novotel BKK was just around the corner.
It really brought back lots of memories just walking through that place :)

Anyway, as we were walking..
We discovered A&W!
Though we were not THAT hungry..
We still have space to squeeze some waffles and a float!

Left the place with a heavy heart..
We didnt really have time to finish shopping the area..
We practically shopped in a rush!
And we didnt go back to Loft to get that pouch..
Much regrets, but that’s what makes the next trip more anticipated right? :D
The journey back to the hotel was crazy.
It jammed like mad and we took 40 minutes to get back.

The journey to the airport.. was not too bad..
Once we were on the highway, the journey was fast..

Thought we were early..
But I think the other Singaporeans were even earlier!
The check in counters weren’t even open and yet there were already 3 queues forming.
Long ones as well.

Luckily, I still had time to bring Jingie back to the restaurant where Bryan, When, Ban and myself had our lunch when we transit from Korea to Singapore.
I guess we kinda ordered the wrong thing?
Cos I remember the meal was much nicer with the 3 of them.

Still had some tummy room for Dairy Queen..
And then its bye BKK..
And hello Singapore! :S

I am glad I went with Jingie this time round..
Else we wouldnt have gone so many places in the 4 days..
At least, the next time we are back with the Tsks, we probably would know where to go straight to ;)
Thank you Jingie for the wonderful and lovely company! :D XOXO!


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