The Adventures of BKK Day 3!

Well, took a cab down to MBK in the morning.
We were early, so they didnt let us into the shopping mall.
Had to make do with eating at one of the fast food outlets though we wanted roadside stalls.
(But there weren’t any)
So we walked into Milk Plus!
Suddenly, I got reminded of the days in HK :)
My nai you duo!


The interior!

There was basically nothing much left to do at MBK.
We only went back cos there was just one mission we had to accomplish!

Some sneak previews!

After sending in our orders..
We made our way to Center Siam.
The moment we walked in..
It was like a dream come true.
We found this shop called Loft, where we spent close to an hour in..
And bought so much things that we had to use the card.
Ahaha, yes we brought like $700 each but we still didnt have enough.

It was only then..
We found this restaurant..
Called Oishi Grand.
It’s another dream come true for us.
At 550Baht, we get to eat all we can :)
And its not like a cheapo buffet, it has standards even better than Kuishin-bo’s!
Despite having 3 toasts earlier and seeing Jingie so happy, I didnt have the heart to reject her…

So I will let the pictures do the talking!

Haha, enough to convince you its worth it? :D

Anyhow, after lunch, we walked through Siam Discovery Center to take a look at Siam Paragon which was just next to it.
Nothing really spectacular or shopping friendly..
So we just stayed for half an hour or so and left.

When we returned to MBK, we were disappointed to find out the stuff weren’t ready for collection cos…
The ink of the velvet words actually runs!
So we opted for printed on words with velvet heart!
Had to wait for an hour or so..
But I guess Jingie and me were really tired from the walking so we had a nice time sitting down at the shop and chatting!

And I guess it did turn out well in the end!
Check them out!

Went to Krungtong Plaza after much persuasion on my side..
Like what I told Jingie, didn’t wanna have any regrets when I leave BKK.
Finally got what I needed :)
When we walked out of the plaza..
We saw A&W opposite and durians right in front of us..
It seems like it was meant to be that we had to make a trip to Krungtong Plaza!
But we were too full of A&W.. so we decided to skip, though we were really reluctant to do so.
We opted for durians instead..
Sneaked them back to the hotel and had a feast!
Jingie only finished half of hers…

At 8pm, we left for Pat Phong.
And yes, it was the red district.
Something really bad happened along the way..
And it really freaked the hell out of me.
The taxi driver wasn’t really right when we said we wanted to go watch the Thai Girls show.
He kept saying he will wait for us after the show…
Which is like huh? We didn’t ask you to you know..
Anyway, before we reach Pat Phong, he turned into a dark alley..
And there was this room with many men sitting in front of it and had black curtains drawn..
Then the taxi driver said “Sex show!”
I was terrified.
One of the men was walking towards our taxi door and..
I really freaked out :'(

Jingie was brave.
She said “We want to go Pat Phong. Shopping.”
She repeated twice..
While I kept saying “I call police!”
Come to think of it, its funny.
But then, at that point of time, there was really no time to react..
For the first time in my life..
I felt really alone and afraid.

Of course, he made a u-turn and drove us to Pat Phong in the end, else..
How can I still be blogging here right? :)
Walked around Pat Phong area..
The people approaching us didnt seem at all right either..
The show we wanted to watch were all on the second level and Jingie and me deduced that it wouldnt be easy to run if anything happens.
So… too bad :(
Next time, guys, will you please? :)

Made our way back via subway..
We no longer wanted to cab from that area..
It was hell sleazy.
Then we realised..
Hey Siam Paragon was actually just a street away from Central World..
Which means it was really near Platinum Mall too..
The taxi journey just made it seem really far away!

Reached back our hotel..
Didnt even wanna go online due to the bad scare..
Just took out our loots and started taking photos..

Took a really long bath..
And wore our creations :)
Really happy with them..
Though Jingie felt strangled in hers..
But L look really huge..
Let’s just hope YG can wear his now..
Since Jasp said its tight fitting on him.

Changed out…
And we were both sitting on the bed watching TV..
Really tired and all..
Turned off the TV and was about to sleep when I said, “Jingie, wanna talk?”
I figured it was the last day tomorrow and there wasn’t much left to do..
Plus its been a long time since we had a heart-to-heart talk..
I mumbled, “I am hungry!”
Then guess what Jingie said, “Shall we order room service?”

We didnt even wait for each other’s reply.
Immediately both of us hopped out of bed at the same time to grab the room service menu.
It was really impulsive and funny.
The next thing we knew…


Spent the next few hours talking, eating away..
The many secrets and heartfelt thoughts…


One response to “The Adventures of BKK Day 3!

  1. >>>Next time, guys, will you please? :)

    Haha…of course! LOL!!!

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