The Adventures of BKK Day 2!

Woke up at 830am BKK Time :)
That’s like 730am in Singapore!

For once huh! :)
Well, that’s cos we will be heading to Platinum Mall today!
Took a cab down and realised, its actually super near our hotel!
It’s at Pratunam area!
Breakfast was simple, we walked into Black Canyon Coffee and sat down.
Sometimes, simplicity is beauty.

The iced tea was once of the best in BKK that we had!
And the next few days, we ended up drinking more than we ever thought!

Jingie with her eye bags

Me in my loot from Jatujak :)

Our simply lovely breakfast!

Platinum Mall opens at 9am.
But actually when we headed in, most of them weren’t open yet.
There was about 6 levels, and many rows.
It took us only 4 hours to conquer the whole mall.
I think we kinda mastered the art of popping in and out of shops.
And our really quick scanning of the goods available!

When we were done…
We went up to the last level for food.
And we were so happy when we saw Fuji Japanese Restaurant..
Apparently, this restaurant is only available in Thailand!
Immediately stepped in without further ado.
Not like we regretted any bit.

The view from our seat!

Our spread!

And of course..
Being huge salmon fans..
Salmon Belly!!!!

Salmon sashimi!


After lunch, we left for Central World which was a shopping centre just next door!

Jingie said this was the famous 4-faced buddha? Correct me if I am wrong!

There was a huge F21 inside..
Not that we fancy anything inside.
So ex after seeing things from Platinum mall and Jatujak!

And you know we were so angry after lunch.
Cos there were even more fantastic eateries in Central World.
In fact, the Fuji Jap Restaurant there was much better.
We were truly disappointed.
What to do?

Despite being really full..
We didnt wanna live in regrets…
Baskin’ Robbins it is!
It’s been so long since I ate this in Korea..
I really miss Korea :(

This was 129Baht if I didnt’ rmb wrongly!

We got kinda sick walking around Central World..
So off we left…
For MBK..
Yes, even with the heavy stuff we were holding.. I was amazed that we can actually tahan and head down to MBK!

Btw, traffic in BKK is crazy.

It took us like 30 minutes to make a u-turn to MBK.
Ok maybe cos it was raining.

MBK was a huge disappointment.
Why did everyone say its a must-go?
Hello I didnt even see anything I will buy.
It’s like gold and whats’ not. -_-
Really disappointing.
Jingie and me were losing ‘it’..
So we quickly went to a manicure/pedicure place to sit down…
After which, we decided to have dinner in Black Canyon Coffee for a quick dinner and promised to come by MBK tomorrow instead cos we might be tired and hence we were losing ‘it’.
Well, we were kinda won over by their “International Thai Food” :)
And it was good.

Nice nails huh!
But stupid Jingie told me to choose Nachos colour for my toes.
Bad idea to listen to her. Really bad.. :(

HAHA, but she’s not any better. We suspect the OPI polishes they used for us were mixed with thinner cos there were loads of bubbles on Jingie’s nails!

Anyway… Dinner time.

My Iced Chocolate!
Looks really good huh?

My dinner..


Well.. you know, we actually didn’t lose ‘it’.
Cos before we left for home, we went out of MBK and we went crazy at that little shophouse just right outside MBK!

Bought harrods while I checked out the lovely stuff they have in-stock over there.
No idea where I was cos it was raining really heavily…

Anyhow, then it was back to the hotel for..
Pictures of the loots for the day!

Nothing much for myself today…
Mostly Jingie’s and Evan’s :)

Time for a good night sleep and…
More shopping the next day! :D


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