Shishi’s Departure!

Ok, as expected..
Thanks to the freaking alarm that was batt flat..
I couldnt wake up!
Anyway, TY, Jasp and Jingie were nice enough to wait for me..

And so off we headed to the airport..
Well, I was really amazed I didn’t sleep on the bus!
That’s cos I had nicey Jingie to talk to me.
TY couldnt sleep was cos he was trying to hold his bladder.
Pampers anyone?

Anyway, when we reached, no one was to be seen..
Cos Jackie, YG and CX went to get Macs for us.

When we spotted Shi and Just..
They were busy packing..
Cos smartie Shi brought ALL HER STUFF..
Thinking that they weigh only 20kg..
When of course.. it didnt.
It weighed 48kg!

No choice, even after squeezing, it was still 28kg and so… poor Just had to bring it back in Aug for her.
8kg of excess baggage worth $96.
What a pain in the ass :(

By the time Shi’s finished packing..
The three were back with Macdonalds for us..
Supposed to eat together with Shi..
But she had no time..
Needed to leave in about 10minutes time..

Suddenly it all dawned on us..
She’s leaving!
Last group photo (without Evie)

The couple.. who will be apart for the year!
Last year was Maurice and Val… Sigh.
But fret not guys, I know you guys will survive!
And your relationship will only get stronger!
And plus Just, you have lovely us!

Tears aplenty..
CX was the worse… sigh.
But I can understand..
She’s gonna have one less person to talk to on the way home…

Bye Shi…


Moments later, we received an sms from Shi!
And we were busy replying.
It’s kinda funny!



Here’s mine!

On the way to Terminal 3 for a proper breakfast..

At Macs

Jackie and YG left..
While Just headed back to PGP to settle Shi’s excess baggage..
Before coming back to meet us at Tampines One.

The rest of us headed straight to Tampines One..
Walked around before settling down in Kim Gary, again…
Can’t believe.. Jing and me will be in BKK the next day…


2 responses to “Shishi’s Departure!

  1. awww…thanks for the post darling! thanks for sending me that day too! i misss uuuuuuu guysss!
    here, i often dream a lot about u guys. once i dreamt that we are celebrating sth in jing’s house! must be cuz i was viewing our photos at x’mas at her house that evening hahah

  2. WAH. Must be celebrating my birthday! HEHE :D :D i miss you too!

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