Leaving on Jetstar!

I will blog about Foggiare’s shoot…
Shishi’s farewell..
And BKK..
When I am back! :)

Till then, take good care of yourself Banny :)
I will miss you and hope my blog posts below will keep you entertained :)
Have a good rest and sweet dreams!
:* :* :* :*

Goodbye SG and HELLO BKK with Jingie.
Omg so dead from the lack of sleep and I need to wake up at 345am tomorrow.




3 responses to “Leaving on Jetstar!

  1. see you in 4hours! :D

  2. y u all still awake ?
    oh miss u too .. be CAREFUL KKKKK !!!!!!!

  3. Jo to Jing: Seeeee you! :)
    Jo to BB: AWW. HAHAHA! Slept le la, I needed to upload the videos so that Shi can read :D HOKAYS!

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