Shi’s Farewell Dinner and Karoke!

And so, I am going to sit down and blog 7 entries in a row!
Hope the comp and my brain cooperates with me!

Well, brought my polaroid along that day.
If you notice, I only bring my polaroid along when.. its a really meaningful day..
Or something/someone gonna go/happen etc.
And I am glad I did.
I think I gave 2 people memories of a lifetime (Hehe, must praise myself a bit!)

The lady who’s leaving, and will be missed dearly!


I guess everyone was feeling horrid in a way or another, but was trying their best to be as happy as ever so that the last 2009 dinner with Shishi will be a good one!

Well, Evan was jealous..

A full group photo for Shishi!
Ok not really full since Jackie wasn’t there!

We ate at Kim Gary again!
Met Wang Na there, she was working part time!

Yummylicious food to spice up the evening.

Some of the Tsks!

I told Ban he was the luckiest guy to have 2 girls by his side. LOL

The go-home girlfriends

The LDR-ers

Evie’s and my polaroids

Shi’s and Just’s

Well, I felt that Just should have one too so.. snap!


Presented Shi with her farewell pressie from us (without Just) cos we figured he prob got something even better for Shi!
And yes, it was the bear we did the day before for her!


And actually, it wasnt really our intention to make her tear at all..
But we can’t help it, we (Jasp, TY, Jing and myself) had so melodious voices!

Silly girl :)

Cx, listening to our voices!

No idea who took these but really nice huh!

Well, didnt really wanna be so sad and all, so we decided to go out and do some jumping!
And it really made the evening so much happier!
Okay, shall let pics do the talking kaes!
Have a good laugh!

The ladies..
We going to have 4 que 1!

The gentlemen (not)! (Only some!)
And ok we admit we lose to their hands down.
They can really jump.

Shishi represented us!
And she showed them we can do it too!

Evan’s crazy idea of dancing in the air!

More candid shots!

Wah lao, made a total fool of myself.
Hence.. for the next few photos…
I decided to well, just stay in position!
Hehehe. Check out!

Last pic before CX left!

The few of us were game enough..
To do something Shi probably wouldnt get to do in the states!
And yes, that is to hear our lovely voices, singing to her. :D

Evie and I left at 130pm cos he still had work the next morning!
As for me, I was half dead when I woke up next morning to send Shi off!
Well.. next post!


2 responses to “Shi’s Farewell Dinner and Karoke!

  1. >>>If you notice, I only bring my polaroid along when.. its a really meaningful day..

    Thank you a lot for them and for the 2009 V-day also. :) Now it sits in wallet. Love it! (:


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