The Surprises!

Right after going home…
I lao-sai-ed like mad!
Must be the Macdonalds Caramel Frappe!
So not going to drink that again.
Well, I conclude it was that cos Jasp and Jingie lao-sai-ed like mad as well!

Dad tongpang-ed me over to Jingie’s area so that I can meet her and Jasp first:)

Oh so lovely Jing! LOL

She was so nice!
She treated us to Shokudo (Actually I think I forced her leh.)
But she’s really nice!

Jingie’s and my Teppanyaki Set! :)
Everything’s superbly nice, except the SUPER SALTY MISO SOUP THAT TY LIKES.
He should go live in the dead sea!

Thanks to Ramen Girl the night before..
Jasp is hooked to Ramen!

Our starters – Smelly Mushroom Soup and Yummy Omelette!

Super hungry Jasp and TY!

TY’s !@#!%@!#!@ Bento. Sorry, I dont exactly know what its called cos TY was mumbling.

We took neoprints!!!

Here’s the scanned version!

Click on it to see!

After this, we quickly made our way to Suntec!
Cos we have a big mission in mind!
And yes, we are building our best friend!
Haha, as their motto is — Build a Bear Factory!

We are building a bear for lovely Shishi who’s leaving!

Writing the note so that we know what to say when we record!

Fooling around while the lady gets ready Lil Tsk for us!

Lil Tsk all filled up!

Choosing the hearts for Shishi’s bear!

Helping YG, Jackie, Evie and CX say their wishes, and putting them into the bear!

Checkered hearts are the girls and red hearts are the guys!

Bathing Lil Tsk!

With naked Lil Tsk!

Choosing Lil Tsk’s clothes!

HAHA, Jasp and TY dressing her up! :)

Before Lil Tsk goes into her housie!

The people who MADE Lil Tsk! LOL

Certainly hope you like it Shishi! :)
It’s a little sth from YG, Jackie, CX, Jing, TY, Ban, Jasp and me! :)

Walked around a while more, before heading to Harris cos there was a 25% storewide!
Met my UBS boss there.. :P
But I didn’t say hi, cos I was in a mess!
Anyway, I will be seeing him soon :P

Went over to Harbourfront to find Ban!
The poor boy’s working OT everyday :(
So heart pain!

At the food court eating!

He looks so haggard :(

Went for a haircut and now he looks much fresher!

I want such blissful days everyday!
Just lying on his shoulders.. Ladeedum.


6 responses to “The Surprises!

  1. haha take good care of lil tsks shishi!

    oh, and i alr know i am nice (;

  2. Jo to Jing: LOL :) ERrRRrrr…

  3. wowwwww…such long processs!! thanks youuuu! :D now i saw the hearts already..hehe very sweet!!

  4. @jing: yuppp :D i’m taking good care of it!!

    u know, not only me, but also, my lil sis like it so much that she kept listening to u guys’ voice!! hahah!

  5. of course, we sound so sweet right? :D

  6. Jo to Shishi: Of course, we are very sweet people!! Hahaha.. wei, got me and Jing’s voice too lo. :P

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