Never a Fan.. of Farewells

Well, never wanted to blog about this..
Cos dont really wanna put sad stuff on my blog..

Was just flipping through my photo albums hunting for a suitable picture for Jing’s pressie..
Came across many of my photos with Shishi :(
I still cant accept the fact that she’s leaving us for a year on 15th May..
Part of me feels empty, part of me feels happy for her..
It’s those mixed feelings.. that I can’t really put down in words.
As I am writing this..
Tears are welling up in my eyes..

I have never been a fan of farewells..
When Jas left Jing and me in J1..
I hated it, and kinda didnt really forgive her for that..
But.. I guess as time went by, I started to accept reality for it is..
Then Ning left..
One by one.. the people closest to me left…

I don’t need many friends..
All I need is a couple of close friends…
People whom I know I will cherish for a lifetime..

Today, marks Jing’s 21st birthday party..
And it could very well also be the last time I will be playing with Shi before she leaves for US..
I am going to hold back my tears and enjoy today to the fullest :)

To the dear friend whom Jackie introduced…
To the dear friend who survived many crazy modules with me..
To the dear friend whom I knew and shared so many secrets with since FOC…
To the dear friend who went Vietnam with me…
To the dear friend who is very much like me, shopping wise and in some ways character wise..
To the dear friend whom I will miss badly..
Thank you Shishi, I am thankful for meeting you, knowing you, and being my best friend…
Thank you for listening to all my rants…
I will miss you my dear..
Take good care of yourself in USA, and when you are back..
I hope your hair’s finally long enough to curl! :)

And to my darling bestie, have fun!! :)
Enjoy the party! Don’t be too stressed kaes!
It’s your day! :)


7 responses to “Never a Fan.. of Farewells

  1. whooo hoo! 21st! Yah, hope you are having fun, jing! (:

    *HUGS* i’m tearing’s all mixed feelings..
    i’m very happy ..but very sad as well..
    but whatever feelings and thoughts i have these days, i think the most i’m feeling abt is..i’m very grateful and happy to have met you! thanks you so much for being my best friend too! (: and for the TSKS, for the outings, for the surprises, for the cute pressies, for all the time tgt – both offline, online, and above all, i thank you for being my idol – a happy JO! hm.. ya know, i’d be having a very lonely journey in SG if i didn’t get to know you in LT16 that day!

    *mwahh* sweetie, i hope we TSKS can go to Wild Wild Wet AGAIN. and VERY SOON.

  2. OMG! I feel like breaking into tears again. =(

  3. to all 3 of you, jo shishi & justin…
    *HUGE HUG*

  4. When i saw jo msg, i was tearing as well. Shishi leaving for US? I got her number, and called her to chat for awhile, while talking, i was holding back my tears, laughing & laughing. I dun wanna you to leave, would miss you dearly. Felt really happy meeting you. Enjoyed all time spent with you. Take Care!

  5. Jo to Shishi: HEHE looks like we must thank Jackie! :) He was the one who intro-ed you to me! :D AWWW. Lonely journey? I think you will still have Justin, but my journey would have been boring definitely :P YES OMG WILD WILD WET WAS SO DAMN FUN!!! :D

    Jo to Just: *NAH* Kleenex. :) You have US!

    Jo to Jing: AWW HUGE HUG TOOOO! Sounds like teletubbies! Just that theirs is BIG HUG!

    Jo to CX: :) Hehehe so dont ever leave SG kaes, cos we will miss you too :)

  6. Life ia a journey Memories are forever Keep in mind of what you love and see to it for what you remember. Keep in touch to those you feel and take good care of yourself as we can feel it too …
    May u find a joy in the new beginning but dont forget to look back at what that have always cherish you as a beginning too..

    you know what to do.
    Let her dream cos you are a lady . Pls dont cry cos she not a child, for the rain fall down upon her. She is a free and gentle flower growing WILD …


  7. Jo to Ban: -__-

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