The Day After!

Still can’t believe my exams are over! :)
3 papers done, not superbly confident about them..
But who cares, I am getting so terribly sick of the semester.

Anyway, Evie wanted to go out at 11 today!
But I waited till 1 today and he was still not ready.
Cos apparently, he had website to do! :(
When I finally met him at 130pm..
We did what we needed to do…
We went Wasabi Tei!
Ate to our hearts’ content before making our way down to the Singapore Flyer for the $10 student deals!
As usual, its Salmon Sashimi, Unagi Don and Evie ate Pan Fried Chicken cutlet and its so damn nice.
Happy me :)
It’s our 19th month btw! HAPPY 19th dearie!
Actually, all I need is to spend a day out with him, just solely the two of us, thinking nothing about work!


The Flyer awaiting!

Truly happy :D

Lovely :) DSLR does make a huge load of difference!

Really love this photo!
Thanks Vie!

Hang around a while cos our ticket says 430pm!

While waiting!

On the flyer!

View from the top of the world – as what the flyer says -_-”

Us again…

The other side :)

Fisheye view!

Last few shots on the Flyer!

Off the flyer…

Was really thirsty and tired from the walk to the flyer..
So I suggested heading into Fish and Co for Sea Monkey freeze..
Not sure if we were allowed to order just a drink cos they sure look very stunned when we said thats our only order. :P

Warm tones..

Better colours?

Like how Ban looks in the photos here!
That’s because I took them! HAHA. :P

After which, we headed to Suntec to walk around cos Evie needed corporate wear for his internship at ML which starts on Monday :)
As usual, we headed to Crocodile first..
But pretty disappointing, so we went to G2000..
Got one but I find it quite simple and expensive for a design and cutting like this… But it was hard to find something in Evie’s size so I just told him to get it..
But I did suggest going to John Little @ Marina Square.
On our way there..
We saw Domanchi having sales..
So off we stomped in!
And true enough, they were selling really nice stuff :)
Evie got 2 tops :)
And I guess he was really happy with his buys (other than the G2000 one cos he can get two more with that pricing @ Domanchi.)
Oh well!
Anyway, then we made our way to Ah Yat Seafood to meet Zhi Hao and friends :)
Felt quite out of place there cos I didn’t seem to fit in well :P
But can understand la, I have started to feel that way with other people if the Tsks are not around :P


Zhi Hao’s 27th! :)
Well it was a treat from him to us..
And we got to eat Abalone, Chilli Crabs, Shark Fin, Cereal Prawn, Grouper.. why not? :D

The ladies!
And I realised I am the most tanned in there!


The couples!

Quite like this effect, though I would like it more if the tone wasn’t so warm.

After dinner, we headed to Breko for cake-cutting and drinks!

Zhi Hao and Joe

Silly Joe was asking Evie to focus on the words on the menu. LIKE HOW?!

CAKE! :) Very very nice, from some Rive Gauche :)

Sorry to the people sitting around us, must be super irritated from the flashes and all :P

Pressies time!
Silly Evie forgot to bring the pressie. How paiseh :(
We almost traded Jingie’s love pail as a pressie! LOL.

Shirt and Shaver

He got an LV! And its not from the GF!
I wonder how she felt…

Jingie, your pail got 2 minutes of fame!

With the birthday boy!
Happy 27th!

What a tiring night.. Was trying to chase the last bus home.. But to no avail… Cab back in the end. Man, it’s been long since I did blog posts for >100 (182) photos… -_-”
How tiring. :(
More to come!


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