Behind the Scene Collection 8 and 9

Feeling really sleepy le, but omg, I have about 20 albums waiting for me to upload to FB and 5 blog posts.
I shan’t procrastinate anymore.
Here’s Behind the Scenes as promised!

I had exams that morning, so immediately after..
I picked Evie up.

Quickly made up, packed while Evie took photos.

My beloved treasures from friends :)

All ready to leave!

The most important task was to set up lighting! :)
See how important lighting is?

Now, some real candid shots :)

As you can see, Evan asked me to try some new poses.
I can never carry them off.
I am the smile and shoot kind, not the sexy, pultry whatever kind.
Sorry if I gave you a nightmare.

This was a really random shot! But I love how it turned out!

Evan started copying me.

Well, we were pretty much done with the shoot so random photos again.

Left for a Teh Tarik since Daddy and Mommy weren’t here to pick us up yet!

We sure look like tourists with those luggage bags!

Went walking around Raffles City in search of Jingie’s 21st pressie!
To no avail!
Then it suddenly dawned on me that she loved that watch in the uncle’s shop!
So Evan and me headed there first to check on its availability!
Before calling Daddy and Mommy over.

Choosing the watch!

After which, we left for dinner at Hainan’s again!



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