Exams over! (Not for me..)

Well, I am in very high spirits today.
Not because NM2216 is over and done with..
But mainly because, I went out with Evie Li today!
(Of course, there are other reasons which I will talk about later)
Yup, he finished his first and last paper today. :)
So lucky hor? :( I still got 2 to go.

Anyway, we made our way to Tampines One today!
And cos Evie was really hungry, we made our way to the food court first..
Before rushing down to Uniqlo like idiots.
Ahem. Not that it was amazingly nice like what people said.
In fact, I think its damn overrated.
Afterall, we have seen the one in Korea and I definitely think its much better in Korea.
Anyhow.. I went to Vogue next door, hoping to find the dress that I bought from BC the day before.
Well, it wasnt there.
Guess I am ready to be disappointed too, some people in the forum said it wasn’t nice..

Things Jingie will like..

Went to Topshop.
And guess what? I can fit into UK8!!! :D
Ok nothing big deal to you you and you who probably is a UK6 and below.
But jump along with me ok. :D
And.. I finally had the courage to pick up clothes which I thought was nice and head into the dressing room to try!
I never had the confidence to in the past, never look nice anyway.
I guess, modelling for my own blogshop does work :)
And for the first time, I actually can carry those FLORAL auntie looking fabric really well.
And nope, its not cos I am auntie kaes. *ROARS*
Let me show you!

I really love it, but its $63, and I think AE stuff are much affordable, sometimes nicer so booboo to these!
Though if I had the cash, I definitely will get the top without much thoughts.
Actually I saw more things, such as the polka dotted undies that were really cute, but I actually put them back and walked out.
Bravo to me for that.

Headed to Tampines Mall after which.
And, bad idea on my part.
I suggested walking on Level 1 first before making our way up (so that we can rest in the food court when we reached the top).
Usually we will go to the highest level and make our way down.
Blah, and I saw La Senza.
Walked in… didn’t intend to get anything actually, cos I always had the impression its gonna be so ex.
But hey!
There were selling 2 for $50.
I took like 8 or 9 bras.
Went into the dressing room.
Poor Evie was embarrassed so he went off to shop on his own.
Chose 2 out of the 8 or 9, and put 2 unwillingly back on the display.
Well, then the lady started telling me about the membership.
And it was worth it!
If I spend $100, I just need to pay $2 for membership cos everything else such as discounts are offset.
So.. I went back into the dressing room to try the 6 or 7 again so that I don’t make a wrong decision.
In the meanwhile, the other 2 were sitting at the counter.
When I am finally done on my side, I went out…
The lady at the counter told me that another lady took my package by mistake..
And left me her 5 undies.
Sob! Those were my favourite 2. :(
Really sad..
So I told her I will come back in an hour time, hoping that she will return too.

Made my way upstairs to Cotton On to find Vie.
Eh, cotton on has some nice stuff… a pity I couldn’t fit in nicely.. :(
And the material aint too good.
Hopped over to Fox..
And we found the pressies for Zihao! :)
Yay to board shorts and cap.
I was looking at this ribbon top for a while..
Then decided against it..
And went downstairs to see if the lady returned to La Senza..
But sweet lil Evie got it for me! :)
It was a surprise :)
Thank you!

*Ahem CX, I think you know why I like it… cos it sure looks like BC’s ribbon top!

At La Senza, apparently the lady didnt return.
But the staff managed to find a new piece for one of the 2 I wanted..
Thank goodness for that, though I was a tad disappointed that the other was OOS.
Really liked the second one though :(
Too bad I guess, no fate with it.
Got two other really cute looking ones and yahoo.
A damage of $102 done and an elated Jo, 4 bras richer and.. membership from La Senza.
Psst, CX, Shi, Jingie if you need bras in September, let me know, I have 50% storewide!
Their bras are amazingly comfy! Jingie might need DD. :D

EDIT: Shishi probably needs DD too.

Made our way back home later..
And mommy cooked beehoon for us!
Well, though LSM1302 is gonna be shitty on Tues cos I am still not revising…
I am indeed a very very blissful girl today..
Haven’t felt such contentment for a long time.. :)
Thank you Banny for the company and the TOP!!..
And of course, La Senza!

Psst, I am very thankful cos… Foggiare’s Collection 7 did really well! (:


14 responses to “Exams over! (Not for me..)

  1. LOL. The post is like La Senza shopping. =D

  2. HAHA yeah lo. should change the title! :X

  3. Sleepy le .. just finished >_< Glad you like it ^_^

  4. omg my kenwood babiessss *salivates*

    haha. anyway, whats with the DD?! tsk. you got watch star awards on sunday? that taiwanese aunties IS a DD. lol. i think.

    psst! : you are right, uniqlo is actually similar to japan’s giordano. totally overated. and in about a month’s time, you will see the same top on teens/aunties alike.

    did you check Manpuku while you were at T1? you will love the food there.

    omg i am commenting alot while i can because i can finally use IE on this lousy desktop. hehe. lappie baby will be back tml!

  5. that black top is nice.. the ribbon looks like the one cx, jing and ty designed during our prototype! ahahaha..
    only that the sides dun have holes hahaha

  6. Jo to Ban: :) Hehe
    Jo to Jing: Yuppies! HAHA yeah i know, 8 days said so! :X yup, really, its like gonna be giordano again -_-” yup i did, but we already ate at kopitiam so too bad :( hahahaha yes, your longest comment ever!
    Jo to Jaspie: THANKS! but its navy blue! :) hahaha. i dont want holes! lou dong.

  7. omg.. either its the light or my colorblindness. =(

  8. its the light. hahs

  9. hey jo! when do u end! we shud meet up =D ur new blogshop looks good! =)

  10. It really look like, was looking at the pic for awhile before seeing ur comments and you look good in it. Is La Senza comfortable? I have nv enter in before. The kenwood babies are so cute, i oso wanna own one. hahaha

  11. Jo to Jasp: Yes, its the light!
    Jo to CX: HAHAHA i like the top too! its super nice to wear! Yes I like La Senza, unlike Jingie who likes Auntie brand Triumph! COUGHS..
    You should not go in… ok if you do hor, go in with me kaes :) Cos I foresee you will spend a bomb inside too. LOL

  12. HAHAHA! hi-5 to jing! i nv entered before too! But i agree, Triumph looks aunty. tssk jing ah..nv knew you like such xD

    ps. think its’ only jing who needs DD :D

  13. Jo to Shishi: HAHAHAHA. YEAH JING THE AUNTY! Are you sure? Ok then I must have gotten your size wrongly, issit F or G (Get a reduction) or H (Help I have fallen down) LOLLLLL

  14. Jo to Fel: I ended already! But I am flying to Thailand this weekend :) Will only be back after Tuesday! Have you started work? :) Let’s meetup!

    Hehe, thanks :D

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