Preparing for the battle ahead….

3 more papers!
1 tough one.
May the force be with Evie and me.

Bored from studying?
I have just updated in chronological order…
Experience Prototyping
POOT Chapter 1
POOT Chapter 2
Happy 18th Month!
Ishi Mura
Foggiare Shoot!
POOT Chapter 3
Final Chapter of POOT
My New…

Well, alot of posts in a day. Am dead tired, gonna hit the books bed now!
Enjoy reading :D

Btw, I am hooked on Restaurant City now, all thanks to Jingie. BLAH.


7 responses to “Preparing for the battle ahead….

  1. =D

    No wonder ppl gain weight after exams :P

  2. YEAH LO :( but thank goodness not all of them’s mine :D

  3. HAHA. tts a whole lot of junk food! but anw, hang in there!

  4. HOHO :) yeshie! which is your favourite?

  5. Every Burger

  6. i will start playing restaurant city after my exams!!

  7. HA. I am playing now! CATCH UP HOR

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