My New…

Yes yes, I know 500D is out blahblah.
But its okay, I am no pro..
Just wanted to learn, and have a DSLR to use!
Really worth the price I guess.
This comes with the kit lens and I got it at $700! :D

Sorry TSKs, Evie will be using this camera very much often now :P

My first model :)

Havent played with this lil’ guy for ages.
Thankful for having him around in my life.

Mommy dearie!

Loots from Korea..
Promised Jingie to take photos of these a longgg time ago but never had the time to :(
Sorry dear!

The necklace with my korean name!
I was expecting it to be bigger actually!


20 responses to “My New…

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  2. Wu hu…that’s a great deal you got!

  3. Hehe :) yeah i think so too! :D

  4. Does it come with 18-55 IS lens?

  5. yes! :) but im not sure why, the kit lens cannot close fully. :S

  6. Cannot close fully? What does it mean?

  7. Like when I turn to 18mm, the min or 55mm the max, there’s still a little outside before it closes fully. :S

  8. U mean it doesn’t zoom fully to 55mm?

    I don’t know what it means by “the lens closes” :D

  9. I think maybe I show you next time LOL hard to describe too. :)

  10. HAHAHA ppl, there’s sth called MSN :P

  11. eeeks. geeeks! (rhymes!)

  12. Oops. -_-” what geeks!

  13. MSN? what msn? =X I am seldom there nowadays

  14. POM POM so cute under the bed ^_^

  15. his favourite hideout!

  16. OMG YOU GOT EVERYTHING FOR JUST 700?!?!?! OMG.!!! btw. the ice-cream in the previous entry makes my mouth water. bring me there!

  17. YA LOR! everything for 700. really worth it. :) that’s swensens! hokaySSSS!

  18. was it brand new? how come you always have lobang like this.?!? next time must jio! eh. i must be really deprived to think swensen’s icecream makes my mouth water.

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