Final Chapter of POOT

Well, for the past few days, or rather the past few weeks..
Have been a nightmare for me.
I was with a really wierd groupmate.

Having shoot many times, edited many times, did many unnecessary things..
Nothing’s ever perfect to him.
So glad that we have presented.
Not that the prof was exceptionally impressed.
Along the B+/A- area.

I guess I was mainly unhappy because..
There were so many things he promised but he didn’t do..
Like for example, saying that we would finish by Monday, and that he would finish up the rest..
So that Evie can study for his maths, and same for me.
Ended up.. we had to do up the things, just so that its perfect to his liking.
I changed the animation so damn many times and they were never used in the final one.
I wonder what they were for.

There were days he can just go home like this, without letting us know,
While the two of us had to stay on..
I’m okay with staying on really.
The thing is… when we wanna go home, we had to tell him..
And sometimes, he will be so unhappy about it cos we are leaving early.
It’s sickening really.
Just like yesterday.

He left straight after presentation and he kept bugging us to upload everything to his site so that he can see.
And we were rushing through the Making Of video as well as backing up all the files.
We dont even have time, haven’t eaten and wanted to go home to study..
So, HELLO there, if you want it, cant you download from the com before you leave?

Come to think of it now, I am so glad so so glad I am done with this.
So damn fed up with everything.
And felt really tortured, 2 nights of no-sleep is no joke at all.
Well… if you really wanna know what POOT is..
Let me give you a hint.
Think along the lines of prisoners..

Well really, I should be thankful to him.
Because.. I believe I have definitely grown, matured and learnt alot from working with him.

The dreaded Media Lab 1..

Poor hungry Ban.


7 responses to “Final Chapter of POOT

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  2. :) wooo hooo !! yeah…great it’s over ~ can’t imagine myself working with that kinda ppl =x

  3. >>>The dreaded Media Lab 1..
    We also had the dreaded Data Comm Lab 1.

    Finally, it’s over and let’s just hope that we don’t have to work with that kinda ppl in life. =)

  4. To Shi: *Echoes* yay its overrr! :D

    hahaha. :) same here. never want to ever again :(

    To Just: Yeah lo! Hate that place alot now! :) Yuppies! At least I guess I am more prepared to deal with such people if it happens again! :)

  5. glad its all over for u guys..
    my jaws dropped when i got to know about this..
    cannot judge the book by its appearance.. :S
    can see poor evan’s tireness..
    jia you u all for exams.. =D

  6. This is the final submitted video

    Our boss did revamp another high resolution and edited version.
    You can find it on facebook if you know how.

  7. bleahs. thanks jasp! all the best to you as well!

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