Zhi Yi Wei Shi!

Am I slipping unknowingly into depression?
I certainly hope not.
Those thoughts are crossing me now and then.
:S :S

I really can’t wait to get over this.
As quoted from Ban, “It’s really torturous doing this.”
I agree.

I can’t wait for Thursday 230pm to come.
I can’t wait for freedom.
Even studying for exams beat all this, hands down.

What’s worse, I had to bear with people telling me..
How good they are..
And how they dont associate with express people cos they are inferior.
Hey, that doesnt make you superior, Zhi Yi Wei Shi [I doubt the person understands this, after all, they “jia kan tan”!
1 more day.
But seriously, I doubt he will let Evan and me off tomorrow.
I foresee us doing till Thursday.


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