An exerpt from “Insomniac” – The Official Publication of the NUS Students’ Arts and Social Sciences Club.

Titled Reflections by Eileen Teo

It is so easy to get caught up in our own individual pursuits in the quest for success. We all need some downtime. In times of stress, why not take sometime to spend quality time with good friends, family or a special someone.

With each passing year, we grow older and wiser. Not to wax lyrical over life, but with the wisdom of age comes the knowledge in spending time with like-minded people and not frivolous interpersonal relationships that may not be emotionally rewarding.

Tough times like these call for rallying of your small social circle of good friends and family. These are people whom you can count on in times of need, be it a listening ear for you to ramble on about mundane things that happened in your life or your rant about the stresses of studying for your exams and the submissions of projects and whatnot. good friends are those that not just share in your truimphs, but also feel your pain and frustrations at not having found a job yet, or helpless panicky feeligns of not having revised enough.

These are the people whom I laugh with over things that others do not necssarily find funny; people whom I share endless conversations with; people who mock me for being a computer-illiterate and being paranoid, but who love me all the same (and whom I love too). A one-hour dinner date may be short but has proven to be so meaningful.

We can have many friends, but it is important to maintain a close circle of friends who you can always count on and be counted on for. A simple text message to ask how your day was, to ask how you are so far… these are the little things that all add up. These are the things that matter.


After reading this, I was wondering, how many of such friends do I have? And guess what, I feel I am indeed a very fortunate girl. Wow. Must be a really long time since I have written something like that. I am starting to miss my old me.

I have my significant other, Evie, who sticks by me even though I can be so “xiao-jie” and want my way, thanks for being that mature being in my life, to guide me and to teach me things I probably would rather learn from you than others. (I mean, other than my parents!)

I have my sister, Jingie, who have known me for 6 years, and probably know me better than anyone else in the world, okay, with Evie and my Dad. :) Who never fails to accompany me though it can be a last minute sms. She can cab all the way from Jurong to Bukit Timah, and she does not complain about that. I love her for being her, and just last week, we had our first misunderstandings, I am not sure if we would emerge stronger or not… in fact, I havent seen her for a week and I am feeling wierd about it. :( Oh well, hope to see her soon. And all the best in her exams. Been trying to talk to her on MSN, but got no reply.

I have my other boony twin in another part of the world, Jasie, who has telepathy with me even till today. It’s really surprising, but we are like the siblings God forgot to give. :) I am thankful for her since the day I met her during Red Cross.

I have very close friends, people like Shi, CX, Ning …. people whom I can count on, and rely on and probably seen the weakest side of me. People whom I always confide in… and whom I love for the rest of my life. :) People who have characters whom I admire!

I have really good friends like Dior, Fel, JT, Jenna, Violet, Justin, Eric, YG… people whom will make the effort to keep in contact and try to cheer me up when I am feeling down and all.

Lastly, not forgetting Jasp, TY, Jackie, ZH who always make me smile in their own ways :)

See, unlike the author who says she probably can count her “closest and dearest friends with just one hand”. I am much luckier than she is, I need my toes and my fingers to do so. :)

Thank you everyone above for tolerating me, being understanding with me… and those whom I might have missed out in this post… I might have hurt you at times by being insensitive and unreasonable… But truly, I am appreciative of the friendships we have and grateful to God for making you. :)


PSST, it’s not a suicidal note hor.


8 responses to “Reflections

  1. eeeee?! i nvr rcv any msges! ):
    next week ok.

  2. anw, just bear with that “jiak kang tang” person. almost over!

  3. Hai, if that eat potato person dont make us go back… then I think so! :) But no icecream for me! sth else maybe. :D


    >> PSST, it’s not a suicidal note hor.

  5. Thank you for having been a cheerful and wonderful friend!!!

    You and Evie have registered a permanent memory deep down inside me. =)

    >>>suicidal note
    LOL! It does quite look like it. =D

  6. =)
    friends are hard to come by,
    and i’m glad you’re the first one i got to know in nus!
    heh, take care and see ya around soon!

  7. Just don’t change ur blog url (again..) and i will always be reading!! lol

  8. To Shi:
    You are welcome! :D

    To Just:
    Aww :) How big is our memory? I hope its more than 4GB DDR3. :D

    To Jasp:
    AWW :) Yes, omg, and I still think you look damn different from the old you!! :) See you on NM2102! It’s our last paper!

    To Jenna:
    Haha, doubt I’d change again. FUNNY UMBRELLA IT IS! :D

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