Miss You, Shishi!

Supposed to blog about this weeks ago.
Shishi told me she wont be in SG for the summer.
Felt kinda sad, like something’s missing.
But I bet Justin feels 10x worse than what I’m feeling.
Much as selfish me would love Shishi here in SG.
I believe she would be happier wherever she’s going (: [Not sure if I can say out here so *ZIP*]

Shishi, thanks for always being that independent strong girl I always look up to. :)
Good luck for the exams!
Thanks for taking NM2216 with me!
And I am already missing attending lectures with you and you! :)

Rmb to call me from where you are! :X
And so glad you found Justin, the super sweet guy…
And so glad Justin found you too, the super sweet you… :)
(Though I think the first one seems more true. )


3 responses to “Miss You, Shishi!

  1. I m gonna miss you tooooo :(
    thanks for being my sunshine too :) really happy to have met you, have had you as my wonderful sista! you can always give me that homely nicy feeling that i have when I m with my family :)

    lets study tgt kkkk =D

  2. >>>But I bet Justin feels 10x worse than what I’m feeling.

    Exactly. I hope I have enough of whatever it takes to survive through it, the drought of my life. =(

  3. Where is shi shi going ?

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