Foggiare Shoot

Yay, new shooting location, and I love it very much.
Cheap + the guy in charge help us set up and all..
And even loads us his 1D :P
Super goodie!

Nice photo hor?

By the end of the shoot, Evie was dead shagged and hungry..
While I was still very much alive and kicking despite changing in and out of 36 outfits. ZZZ.

Anyway, still early, before 530pm so we went for Swensens!

Took the 2 for $9.80 offer for icecream!

And I really like the strawberry taste. OMG.
Jing why didn’t you introduce it to me earlier!

While Evie took the Burger!
Super huge IMO!

Wasteful Ban..

He ate like 1/4 and wasted the whole damn lot.
I think I would have rather Jing eat with me :(
At least, we probably enjoyed it much better. :X


4 responses to “Foggiare Shoot

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  2. hello i always tell you sberry is nice but you dont believe me! haha.

  3. hahaha. thot it was sweet mah! turned out its not at all!

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