Why is it…

That everytime something happens…
She just happens to be online?
It’s really amazing!
The telepathy between us.
I didn’t tell her anything.
Just talked about life on the whole and all…
She did say something about clearing the air too..
But I guess, I am not good at words.
Dont wanna say anymore.
If she understands, she understands.

Someone else pm-ed me too, and I am really thankful.
Though I am so mean to her sometimes.
Talked about the Agneselle’ items launching tonight! :D
And we are excited about the same things!

.Jamie. says (10:42 AM):
*what crazy thing did u do today!
      Jo W.       says (10:43 AM):
.Jamie. says (10:44 AM):
*uhm uhm
*signed up to be a skydiving instructor!
*kissed a random stranger on the streets!
      Jo W.       says (10:44 AM):
*nothing so big
.Jamie. says (10:45 AM):
*said yes to “will you marry me?”
*hahahaha =P

Ah Yun says (10:56 AM):
*u always do crazy things.. so nothing new. hehe

It’s all these random things that people say to me..
That really makes my day!


4 responses to “Why is it…

  1. I won’t be home soon. My exams only start at the end of may and I’ll be staying for my graduation. Maybe end of July. Find me on msn and update me. I don’t wanna have to wait. Btw, I kept sending you offline msgs did you receive them??

  2. Ning!
    End of July, hokays! then we will meet in aug then!
    Each time I am on MSN, I dont see you! :(

    Nope! DIDNT receive any.
    What did you send?

  3. I tot you got tattoo on your neck or hand, when i first read your post. :P Cuz i used to want one hahah!

  4. HAHA wei. I am not so naughty!

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