Ishi Mura :D

Well.. Met Evie on Tuesday..
Since I had classes at 6pm.. so there was so much time to kill!
Met him to go Yishun at 1pm!
I was late as usual. HAHA
Well, its all right that guys wait. AHEM. Jk ;)
Ok, promise to be earlier next time!
Well, wanted to go Yishun to cut my hair actually cos I did something crazy the day before…

And since Evie wanted to swim so..
Just nice!

We ended up eating in Ishi Mura again!
I think that has become one of our favourite eateries, in addition to Wasabi Tei and Asian Kitchen!

Evie’s Bento Set @ $4.90!

Sashimi @ $4.90!

Teriyaki Pizza @ $5.90!

Jo’s ultra delicious Unagi Baked Rice.
Really, it is ultra delicious @ $6.90!

And of course, our favourite Nestea, found here, and Kuishin-bo only! :D @ $1.50 per glass

Are you feeling hungry already?

Nah, have some. :D

Haha, Evie’s really happy with his bento set that came with chawanmushi!

Total damage = $25.60…
And two very full person. Actually the pizza was not very necessary cos we were very full after eating our own stuff + sashimi!

We found this leaf inside the Sashimi and … well…


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