HAPPY 18th Month!

I can’t believe it..
I really cant!
It seems like we are together for ages.. :)
Like years!
But its only 1.5years!

You know..
They once said..
You will never be with the person you love most..
Nor will you be with the person who love you most…
I beg to differ.
In the past, I never thought Ban will be the one whom I love most..
I thought was.. you know, that person in those days..

Well, I am a very xin fu girl I guess..
I am with the person whom I love most..
Not sure if I am with the person who loves me most, but my guess is yes. :X
Aww. Enough of these mushiness.


Ban went out in the morning for Andy’s birthday party and housewarming..
I didn’t go along cos Daddy was at home and I wanted to accompany him!
Havent talk to him for ages!
So I met Evie at… 6pm!

Walked around Marina Square for awhile..
Before Evie brought me to Esplanade for an outdoor Acapella concert!
He knows I love Acapella and actually arranged this outing especially for this. :)
Thank you sweetie!

Well, the concert wasnt due to start till 745pm so we had loads of time to kill.

They sang really funny songs about life in the recession aka depression..
But what matters most..
Is I was there with Ban :)

Walked to Charcoal, hoping to have dinner there..
But it was Good Friday and was closed :(
Wanted to go to Central to see if there’s anything to eat..
On the way there, we stopped by Singapore River to take some photos!

With Mr Banny!

Combed around the area..
Stood in front of Ma Maison and Waraku..
Walked into Waraku in the end..
Didn’t regret!
I tried something new this time!

Haha, these two photos were hell funny.
We were previewing them repeatedly in the camera.. and everything else stayed stagnant except the lips.

My Unagi! :D
Thanks to Banny @ Wasabi-Tei, I am so attracted to Unagis now.

Evie’s favourite curry rice!

Our favourite soft shell crab!

Some really funny thing.
Not nice :(

And lastly, the never-missing one in all our food :P

After which, took a walk around Clarke Quay area..

Well, we were playing around the edge of Singapore River and this bunch of people were staring at us..
Must have thought we were drunk or something..
So I asked Ban, “Eh, why are those people staring at us?”
Well, I said it quite loudly cos I wanted them to hear that.
Then later, Ban said hi to them.
I almost died of embarrassment. LOL.
Anyway, a nice ending to a happy 1.5 years!
Ok, maybe I should say, a nice start to a happy 1.5 years :D
XOXO.. more 1.5 years to come!


3 responses to “HAPPY 18th Month!

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  2. =) Happy 18th! Happy for ya guys! :D

  3. HEHE Thank you dear!

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