Experience Prototyping!

This was for one of our modules, NM4210.
Well, it was really fun conducting the experience prototyping..
We had Shishi, Just, Jingie, TY and CX with us!
:) It was really fun sewing for everyone though they complained I was too slow!
Sorry! I still have loads to learn! :)

The idea was to create an experience of textile recycling.
That is to bring your old clothes to shop and get them to redesign something new out of it!
And its all customisable to your liking!

I really hope one day, I can open a boutique of this sort :)
With the stuff I baked, and things I made, designed etc :)
I am still aiming towards that dream of mine. :)
Anyhow anyhow..
Pictures time!

The slow seamstress!

Preparing the experience! :) In CNM Cozy Corner!
Thanks Shena for finding such a cozy place for us!
Really felt like a whole new shop after some revamping on our side!

My crazy fun-loving group mates!
I really enjoyed working with Shena :)
She’s one nice girl, and with loads of creative juices!
Hope you find the perfect job for yourself Shena :)
All the best!

CX’s lovely creations with TY and Jingie!

Jing’s not so lovely creation..

Shishi and Just’s artpiece.
IMO, very nicely designed!

Sewing Jingie’s !@#!@#!@%$!@# creation.

The lovely pieces, thanks to Jo’s (Yong Xin Liang Ku)!

Really hard to sew. Really. Let me rant for a while please.
Jing must be gloating.. :P


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