Second Studio Shoot!

Went to get some more clothes with Jingie in the morning.
And then we parted cos Evie and me got dancing.
Then Daddy went to pick Jingie up at 3pm and off we headed down for our 2nd studio shoot.
Well Maryann couldn’t make it so I took over!

Make up first!
While Evie and Jingie sat up the lights and such!

I sure have like 60plus Jingie’s photo in the same position.
Same facial expression.

Setting up lightings!

Then they got bored waiting for me..

And soon the hair’s done, makeup’s done!
And it starts!
Behind the scenes!!


Touching my boobs!
Jealous for me being small.
Must be.

SIGH. Everywhere he goes..

I wondering why is he near my butt.
So unglam.

Nice hor!

Three of us!

Evie and me!

On the cab back to Jing’s area to eat!

Then we started this “BIG EYE” thing.



At first, someone told us we were very childish.. doing that.

Anw, had the lovely chicken wings and bo bo char char again.
A tiring day, but thankful and grateful for the two people that accompanied me today.


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