First Studio Shoot

Did you know?
Evie and me just started a blogshop!
And its called Foggiare!
Yup, Evie’s idea of a name! Hard to rmb huh.
Anyway, we had our first shoot @ a studio!
It was hell fun!

On the way to studio in Daddy’s car!

And here’s our first model…
Really nice girl to work with IMO!

After which, we made our way down for dancing..
Yup we just started on Waltz and Samba!
It’s really, but also tiring!
At Geylang Bahru having lunch.

Rainbow agar! Too pretty to eat!

Mango cheesecake that we bought for Shishi and Justin, but cos they didnt come down..
So we ended up eating ourselves.
Not that we really mind. :X

Gave Banny his Picard wallet too!
:) Hope you love it dear!

But the Char Kway Teow was horribly bad.
I kept running to the loo during lessons and I couldn’t even dance properly.
Poor Banny had to support me throughout :'(

Though I was feeling so unwell…
Still made it a point to go celebrate our… 15th month with Banny!

At Bugis Seafood Harvest!

The food was fine, not overly salty :) Healthy food I guess!

My favourite of them all! The fruit punch!

Happy Jo!

Happy Banny!

Walked around a teeny weeny bit before Banny sent me home :)
Amazing day spent again!
So busy that we dont really have much time dating..
In fact, most of the time, our time spent in sch working on projs = dating.
Well, that’s Evie’s definition, definitely not mine! ;)


5 responses to “First Studio Shoot

  1. :D wahh tt was about 1 month ago!

    last pic of evan –> very funnny :p

  2. Its 17th month T_T

  3. What happened to the earlier post ?

  4. LOL oops. yeah la, havent got time to update. got 5 more posts. putting up tonight!

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