Bestie Day Out!

Remember last time I said..
If I blogged immediately after something..
It means it really meant alot to me..
And this is something that meant alot to me.

Well, was feeling really moody since yesterday…
And I saw Jingie online..
Msn-ed her if she was interested to go out from 1pm to 3pm for a short while.
She replied me at 12pm and said she was at home and would be free :)
So nice of her :)

When I am out with her, she really takes my mind off everything.
I mean everything man.
Always laughing, being so happy, talking non-stop with her :)
How I wish, she can be my bf. :D

Hahaha too bad, I am not ‘Michelle-Chong’ ahems.
Anyway, walked around Bugis abit, and we settled down in Pastamania…
FOR yummy Al Fungi and Mushroom Chickie pizza!
Actually, we totally forgot about MOF upstairs!
So we promised each other we will head upstairs later on for Kurian.
But I guess… we were too full.
By then, it was already 245pm.
Supposed to leave at 3pm for LSM, but I guess, I didn’t wanna go either..
So we walked around abit more before heading to Bras Besah to find her friend’s shop :)
She bought some stuff over there..
And then we headed down to Raffles City…
Went Prints and walked around a bit before I left at 5pm.
Feeling really thirsty and we went Yakun…
The barley tasted damn nice…

I took 61, sat down at the window..
Plugged my earphones in..
And started thinking again…
Thought hard and long..
I got somethings in mind…
But I guess, I will just let them stay there till I am certain it is what I think needs to be done.
Anyway… at 540pm, I changed to 100.
Smsed Evan to asked if it takes the route of 97, got no reply.
And well, apparently not, cos it didn’t turn.
So I alighted and cabbed down!
ONLY to know Clementi Road is closed due to a bomb of some sort.
Sigh, was almost late for 2216!
Rushed upstairs to print, go toilet..
And then went for class.
At 7pm, I was feeling really down again..
Shishi didnt come for class cos she was having her Linear Algebra test..
Wanted to call Jingie but I was afraid I’d be disturbing her..
Then I thought… she wouldn’t mind :)
She’s always answering my crazy calls and entertaining me though I am so random.
Sometimes prata, sometimes dinner :P
Well, really love being with her..
There’s no need for me to worry about whether she had work or not..
Or that she’s busy or not..
Maybe because, we are the same kinda people.
No matter how busy we are… family and friends are always more impt.
And true enough…
She said she was at her house’s bus stop, but she doesnt mind dinner at Thomson or J8..
But I had something better in mind!
I was craving for chicken wings at her area :D
Hahaha, reached her area at 750pm..
And I ordered 4 BBQ wings, while she a set meal and we shared fries!
Really happy just eating and laughing :)
I was feeling emo on my way to meet her actually..

Then she told me TY always ate at her area cos there’s some really nice desserts!
So she brought me to try..
And I ordered Tadpole Bo Bo Cha Cha!
So damn full now :P
But we promise to swim them away.
Accompanied her to get her contacts..
And omg, I am seriously itching to get another one more spectacles!
Well, left at 930pm..
Cos Evie said he needed help and so off I left..
Once again.. I was emo again..
I am thinking too much..
But what someone said yesterday seriously made me think a whole damn lot.
And its about time I should stop laughing over it..

But anyway, thanks Jingie, for the company!
And for making me feel that I always have you to count on..
And lean on… when I am down..
Thank you darling :)
I love you, from the bottom of my heart. :D


3 responses to “Bestie Day Out!

  1. you make me want to cry woman!
    i love you too babe.
    thankyou so much for being there today (:
    smooooch. see you tml!
    im sorry i cant be your bf. haha

  2. oh no..sorry to hear that you got a ‘down’ day today :(
    glad though you could make it rite again! :)

    haiiz.. i didn’t do really well, babe. maths sucks. :/
    i was also late for abt 10 mins cuz of stupid traffic jam!

  3. hey, I was feeling the same ytd as well, super moody. I dint know who to find too.I dint go work, was walking alone the whole day myself. When it reaches 7, den i headed home.

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