We are going BKK!!

Or at least, just me and Jingie!
And we just booked!
Today! :)
Leaving on 16th to 19th…
And omg, we are staying at this hotel with blinds covering the area where the person is bathing.
Means if I am lying on the bed and I am feeling bored and wanna see Jing bathing..
Or I need to do is to pull the blinds up!

Can you see the blinds?

Sacha’s Hotel Uno!

Feeling damn excited yet again! :D:D


8 responses to “We are going BKK!!

  1. i think im gonna avoid bathing for 4 days

  2. I oso wanna go, why dint ask me???

  3. Lol paiseh, we only wanted to go two of us.. :) We didn’t ask Evie or the rest of the Tsks either!

  4. I wan a big bed too so envy >~<

  5. hehe. evan… i help you watch jo bath ok. take photo for you!

  6. LOL i wanna see too =p send me also jing! :D when is it? this month??

  7. hahaha. ok! how much are you willing to pay? :p nope. i HOPE its this month too, but nope. haha. in May (:

  8. Enjoy your trip, see ya soon=)

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