My Girly Affair goes to Fash Bash!

On Sunday, Dad and I went to pick Jingie up and off we went to St James!
Well, Evie ps me the day before and so I asked Jingie..
And she was so nice to agree immediately!

Hahaha… Well, we didn’t quite sell alot actually in the morning..
We were more concerned in shopping!
And look at what we got!

Jingie’s HUGE BUS and sewing machine and myself.. tree earrings!

Jingie left at around 1pm to find TY and Jasp to study..
Evie and Eric came by at 230pm to help me!
And they were really good salesmen!
They sold like 20 cameras!
Wow. Amazing!
I was just standing there and watching the sales go. :P


At the booth!

My warmer :P

Got Evie this shirt :)
From the opposite stall!
The stall owner just happened to try them on and I saw..
I told Evie it looks quite nice..
And he tried on..
And viola, there goes my $6.
Yes $6!
How worth it!

Daddy came to deliver more cameras cos we were sold out..
And brought my stuff home..
While I brought Evie and Eric for a treat at Vivo!

Of course, it was Evie and my favourite restaurant as usual!
Asian Kitchen!

I think we managed to convert someone into an Asian Kitchen lover too ;)

Evie’s Duck La Mian!

Nice face Eric!

My favourite Red Bean dumplings!

XOXO to a great day of My Girly Affair!


3 responses to “My Girly Affair goes to Fash Bash!

  1. Thank you for the shirt nice doing. Business with you :D

  2. I always ate at Asian Kitchen when I was an intern. Man. You made me crave for the la-mian and all other stuffs on the menu.!!! And the waffles from the previous post.! OMG! BRING ME THERE NEXT TIME!

  3. OMG we are really best of friends man :) HAHAHA I LOVE ASIAN KITCHEN MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :D:D OK!

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