Late Vday Celebrations!

Today… Evie and me celebrated our belated Vday!
It was a really fun day!
He came over in the morning with Elmo blown up! :D
And then we went for Waltz and Samba…
A really tiring combi..
But I guess Evie can take my tiredness off anything!
Headed down to Suntec.. Or rather Kuishin-bo first..
Only to know that it only opens at… 530pm.

So I brought Evie to that famous lil’ Waffles Shop!
Cos he kept his stomach empty so as to stuff more during the buffet!
How uncle! :P

Butter Sugar Waffle!

Walked around a bit, and brought him to Royal Sporting House..
I think he got another shorts if I didn’t rmb wrongly!

And headed back up to Kuishi bo at 530pm..

Only to find out there’s a damn queue!
And that the tables are all reserved already.
Thank you very much man.

The only photos of Kuishin-bo!
There goes my salmon and chawanmushi =(

So Evie brought me to Outback’s!
Have been wanting to eat since I was in Korea..
But it was hell expensive over there..
Am glad that I finally got to taste it in Singapore :)
Looks like its a blessing in disguise!

Yummy soup!!

Blooming onions!
Really nice!
And funny looking too!

A really happy girl!

New York Steak.. Supposed to be medium well done… but umm it looks more like medium rare to me.

My first experience at Outback has been amazing!

Evie brought me to Ai Qin Hai Cafe for some really nice music :)
I really like the ambience and singing there..
A really wonderful closure to a great day spent.

And I told Evie…
If it had happened today..
With this lineup of events…
I probably had said yes :)
I am a really simple girl aren’t I?
Actually, all I need was the Ai Qin Hai Cafe :)
People serenading to me.. always work wonders! :D
Anyway, thank you for everything dear ;)


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