Mr and Ms Valentine Romance Pageant Finals

Well, this was really long ago, so I am not sure if I recalled correctly.
Anyway, woke up pretty early to head down to JP for finals!
We were late anyway, but who cares.
Went to do hair..
I wanted something simple…
So he did not take long…

But I went upstairs to do my makeup..
And the ladies said my hair’s too simple.
So off I went down again.
This time round a lady did it for me.
And she took really long.
Entangled my hair too..
Almost ran late for makeup and all.
So scary.

When we went up, the ladies from Red Earth were packing up!
But they were kind enough to unpack and help us with the makeup!

Anyway, after makeup, we headed down to stone a while longer.
Pictures backstage!

In Fashion Show 1 attire!

The winners!


Audience choice award!

With the dressers, Sherwin and babe :)
They were really nice this time, I think both of us got the nicest attire!

With the 1st runner ups!

First segment of the day!
Poetry for each other!

Second segment!
Cake decorating!

Like the attire!
How cute!

Our cake!
Which we didn’t get to see in the end due to some cock ups!

With our lovely cake!

Third segment!
Dress him up!

In our evening wear!

Nice right?
I really love my dress!!!

With the 2nd runner ups!

Fashion show 2!

Announcement of results!


2nd runner ups!

1st runner ups!

So happy for em’ :D

Goldheart’s most sparkling couple!

Audience choice award!

Though we didn’t win anything, other than flowers that is..
I got something that makes me luckier than all the singles all there :D

Group photo on stage!



And ladies!


With the judges!

With the lovelies who came down to support us!

We were all so tired that…

We were sleeping so soundly that we didnt know people were photographing us secretly.

Yuan and his mom

Flowers from Marcus!

What a tiring day..
Rushed home to bathe and removed all my pins, if I leave them on any longer, my hair will be damaged.
Evie came along while Shishi and Justin went over to find Jasp and people (:
Will update tomorrow!
CMI le!


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