My Early Valentine’s Surprise!

Valentine’s came early to me this year.
I got a surprise while sitting in LSM1302 lecture.
Evie came by with a strawberry cheesecake from Spinelli!
He said there was only 2 being sold in the whole NUS!
And so I am a very lucky girl to have gotten one of them!
Hehe :P
Thank you then, darling. (:
I like it very much!

He sat next to me doing his work while I was listening to the lecture!

The lecture was supposed to end at 6pm, but I left at 5pm.
Was really sleepy already..
And he was basically just reading from the lecture notes..

The cake!

This valentine’s, like last year, is exceptionally special to me..
Cos I am not alone… but most importantly, I am spending it with the person I love (:
Time for rehearsals at JP!
Love you dear, for the lil’ surprise that brighten up my lousy school days!


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