Farewells and breakups.

Just thought I had come in and put a few words down..
People around me are breaking up like nobody’s business.
And its Valentine’s in a couple of days time.
Much as Evie asked me this evening, how did I feel since Vday eve was just tomorrow…
Much as I wanted to say, “I don’t feel good.”
I couldn’t bring myself to say them..
Esp. since the poor boy hasn’t been his old self for a few days already..
Suddenly it seems, farewell is nothing.
It means nothing.
Together means nothing either.
But I guess, I am thinking too much again.
Jasie is leaving on Sunday.
Regrets of not spending time with her.
Hate school and myself for that.
All I can wish for her is that she had find happiness in Aussie.
To take care of herself like she always did.
She’s a really independent girl, more than I am and so I dont think I actually need to worry so much.
Can’t help feeling emo today.
Really emo.
Maybe its the things that make me feel..
That life isn’t as simple as it is.
That life seems to be a joke sometimes.
Pulling us up, and putting us down again.
Today during dinner with Ban..
Much as I was sitting there…
I couldnt bring myself to enjoy it.
I really hate school, I really do.
It’s taking us further away from each other.
As I blog this, I can’t help crying.
Is it one of those days?
I don’t know. It shouldn’t be.
It’s my third day already.


3 responses to “Farewells and breakups.

  1. *HUGS.
    B2! i love you! cheer up soon alright (:
    i believe it’s one of THOSE phase, really.

  2. *HUGGGSS*

    i hate sku too! it’s really taking me further away from everything!
    anw..i believe you’ll get back to normal,lovely self vvvv soon :)


  3. :) Thank you for the concern dearies!

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